Telling reality

I saw that another newbie had arived and altoghter there was atleast four of us. The guy asked me if I had a special power and I awnsered saying, "Yes, I have one and my name sais it but because you probably don't know about the goddes, i'll tell you." I said and he motioned for me to go on. "I have practised aiming a bow an arrow for years and can aim almost perfectly. I also have an ability to talk to animals, so I automaticly like the jungle, whitch is why my room here is one."

I chated with him for a while, telling him that he had a room too. And explaning what I knew about the place we were at.

I looked over at the other to guys and said, "Hello, I suppose you'd like to introduce your selfs." I kept my gaze on them.

The End

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