I walked out of the large house on my third day. I still havent met the other inhabitant becuase I can never find them in their room which is a jungle (literally) I've looked twice and really want to find them because I'm going crazy on my own, I think my voice box may have gone to sleep.

I walk downt the slight hill that the houses are based on and make it twenty or so metres out of the town before I notice the lump sprawled on the dirt track. I jog up to the lump and gaso when I notice a boy uncouncious on the road. I open my palm and shadows leap from my fingers. They wrap the boy in a cacoon and lift him off the floor.

I stand over the boy, still uncouncious in the infirmary which I didn't know was here until i ran around the house twice. The boy blinks suddenly but his eyes don't focus.

"Hello, Heellooo..." I say and his eyes focus on me.

"Where am I?" he asked his voice groggy.

The End

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