Extra Special

I was walking around, not really caring about where I was. I saw my room. It was tottally awesome. It was a jungle practicly. With real trees and animals, and still in the middle having a bed with my bow an arrow on top. The only thing missing was my animal friends, i'd have to make new ones, maybe even with a human. 

I came to see a painting of the aritic. It was so big that I had to back up to see it all. I kept going farther back tell I could see the whole thing, when I hit something. I looked around seeing a simple door that had a red plus sign on it.  I opened the door and stepped in.

Inside was a ton of hospital beds, all empty exsept one. On it lay a boy about my age along wih someother boy standing over him. I didn't know what to say so I stood there watching them.

All of a sudden someone else came walking in. She was obiously a doctor in her mid. 30's. I went up to her and said, "Oh, hello you must be the one who's gonna get me out of here! I said the second half in my loudest, most snoty and irratating way. She simply took out a pen and marked something before saying, "This is a facility for those with . . . extra special ability's, this is your new home." With that she left the room.

The End

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