My name is John, I used to live in England but the United Nations sent a task force to 'collect' me. More like kidnap. The truck stopd and I'm thrown out of the moving vehicle that hardly slows. My bag and apolly pocket are thrown out afetr me. My bag thuds to the floor. I catch the polly pocket that floats gently in the wind. It's a map of the surrounding area. I shows a group of buildings a mile ahead. I pick my back pack of the ground and swing it onto my shoulders. I begin the mile walk to my new prison.

The group of buildings come into sight after ten minutes, and I pick up the pace. I reach the buildings and look at the map. An X marks my bed in the largest of the buildings a large house  a  little further from the smaller buildings. I jog lightly the rest of the way.

I step through the door to silence. I expected others like me but it seems there's no one to be seen. I climb the stairs slowly making sure there are plenty of shadows to manipulate if any trouble arises. I find my room and dump my bag on the bed. I step out again and move to the room next door. I push the door gently and it swings open.

The room is inhaboted but nobodys there now.

The End

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