The diffrent town

Another role play, but with diffrent rules!

This is a simply role play. Make a character and give it powers. Make it what ever the heck you want. Then, simply add it in. The rules of it are:

Don't have any swearing because this is not meant to be flagged mature.

Please DO NOT make your character too powerful. Read the story so you know what th level of power the characters have so you can base yours. Also, don't make your's the star of the show.

Like always don't  kill off or change the personality of another character besides your own.

Lastly, role plays get boring if all the time there's a problem. Make a little peace sometimes.

As for the setting: A small town which has one giant house and a few more little ones. You can haave your character leave but say goodbye. Your characters were captured and sent to the place by the government. Have Fun!

The End

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