Cathy - An Obnoxious Princess

Cathy wasn't sure how she felt about this Princess. She hardly talked, even if Cathy asked her something. Didn't she understand that she was just trying to get some inspiration for future books? She hadn't written about a princess yet, so she needed to do some research. What better research than questioning a real life princess? The Princess was far from cooperative though.

''What's it like being a Princess?'' 

''I don't know. What's it like being a commoner?''


''Do you live in a palace?''


''A castle then?''


''What's your kingdom like?''


See? Not very helpful. Cathy decided to give up and ignored the Princess for the rest of the trip to the magicians. Even Hank was more helpful than Riviera was. 

''Is it still very far?'' Mar asked. She too, really wanted to get rid of Riviera. 

''We should be almost there,'' Gorret informed them, and they all silently cheered as to not attract any monsters or bandits. ''Where exactly is your kingdom?'' 

''It is not far from the magicians. Only an hour or two away.'' 

Not far? Not far? Cathy thought that was really far. The more she spent in the Princess' company, the less she liked her. Besides her, Chomski mumbled darkly. 

After an hour walking they finally reached a rather large town, which Gorret claimed to be the home of the magicians. They were all relieved to reach it for several reasons, but the one they all had in common was that they were getting closer to ditching Riviera. Said person had no idea of how badly everyone wanted to get rid of her, and thus she seemed in rather high spirits. No one knew why though, but it wasn't like they cared. 

At the town gate they were greeted by some guards, who, after inquiring after who they were and what their purpose was, let them in. The town was bustling with people, some of them floating above the crowd, others were using magic to create paths. Cathy and Chomski became excited at the sight of it. So much magic! So much to learn! They were eager to run off, but after one stern look from Gorret they decided otherwise. 

''Were will we go now?'' Randus asked Gorret. Gorret scratched his head.

''I don't know. I've never been here before.''

''Let's ask the guards, they seem the less busiest of all.'' Zosimo suggested. Thus, he and Gorret made their way towards the guards. After a while they returned, informing the rest of the group that they should get to the plaza, where they were likely to find Thodios, a very powerful magician who the guards said could go with them. 

The gang tried to make their way towards the plaza, but it was so busy that five minutes later they might have moved about five centimeters. 

''This is useless,'' Randus cried. ''Cathy, Chomski, can't you guys fly us over there or something?''

The two girls looked at each other doubtfully.

''I can fly myself, but the only one I could carry with me is Chomski. And you know, Assistant.''

''I could try and levitate you, but you've never seemed eager for me to do so in the past...'' Chomski looked at Zosimo as she said this.

Zosimo sighed. 

''Knowing you and your pranks, I was afraid you might drop us for fun.''

Chomski feigned hurt. 

''How could you think that! Though that does seem funny.'' 

''Let's find another way around.'' Mar decided. Since this was their best plan, they decided to go along with it. Not that they had any idea how to get to the plaza besides the main street, but how hard could it be?

Very hard apparently, since there were magicians everywhere. Main Street was definitely the busiest, but that didn't mean they could easily get through the other streets.

Reluctantly they decided to just go back to Main Street and try to get past it.


About an hour later they finally reached the plaza, where a huge statue of an old magician dorned the place. Cathy excitedly told them it was Dyros the Great, who had been the first to be born with magical powers. In front of the statue were a few magicians arguing. 

''Thodios, you can't be serious!'' 

''So that's Thodios,'' Riviera said. They all looked at her in surprise. Oh yeah, the Princess is still here, Cathy thought glumly. 

''Then he is the one I shall kill.''

1D5 = 2 (The party reaches the magicians, and they agree to send an agent with them.)

1. The Princess turns out to be some kind of monster and tries to kill Thodios.
2. The Princess turns out to be an assassin and tries to kill Thodios.
3. The real Princess has been kidnapped sometime during their trip to the magicians and the one with them now is a banished magician with a grudge against Thodios.
4. The Princess tries to attack Thodios but he is too powerful for her. When she realises that, she disappears without explaining anything. 
5. Zosimo is very upset with Riviera. He wanted to go to the Flower Kingdom so badly! So he hits The Princess and she falls unconscious. She wants to kill Thodios for one of the reasons mentioned above.

The End

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