Randus - "You again?"

They had been walking for about an hour through the mountainous landscape.  The party was back to full health, with Assistant and Hank whirring/barking at each other angrily for no apparent reason.  Gorret was talking with Mar about fighting styles, Chomski was trying to calm Hank, Zoss and Cathy were grumbling about something, and Randus simply bobbed his head along with his step.  

"When do you think we'll get there, Gorret?"  Randus said.

Gorret looked up at the sky, as if pondering this.  "Well I'd say we have about another day or so until we reach the magicians.  Then it's a straight shot out of Myrandom towards the dragon."

Dragon.  Randus shivered with excitement.  He had read plenty of books on them (yet couldn't find the time to pick up Cathy's novel), but it wasn't something he could really examine from a scientific standpoint until he witnessed it up close.  Zossimo would be fascinated, but Gorret would just want to murder the thing.

Speaking of Gorret, he kept whistling.  It was getting very annoying, and just when he was about to ask the man to stop, Randus recognized it as a signal.  

He looked back nonchalantly at the group, which was still walking, and caught sight of Chomski doing a gentle head jerk towards the ditch to their left.  She held up her fingers in a sequence, and began counting down.

Three, two, one...

In an instant, the party spun ninety degrees towards the ditch in a battle stance, facing the ditch.  "Who's there?"  Zossimo yelled.

The Flower Kingdom Princess stood up from the ditch and patted the dust off her clothing.  "Well there's no reason to be rude."

Cathy breathed a sigh of relief.  Gorret just got angrier.  "You've been following us for half a mile now!  What the hell did you think our reaction was going to be?"

She held her hands out in front of her, defensively.  "Look...  I just need some help with--"

"NO!" The party chorused.

"I'm not going to ask you to go on a side quest!"  She shouted.

The party looked at one another, confused.  Randus was about to scratch his head, but Assistant did it for him.  "Thanks, Assistant!"  He cleared his throat.  "Then why do you need us?"

The princess approached the part cautiously.  "I...  I just want safe passage back to my kingdom.  There are supplies there, and from what you've been saying, it's on the way.  You would be rewarded handsomely for your efforts."

There was a pause, as the group realized what had to be done.

Chomski held her head in her hands.  "Fine, kid.  But we're not responsible for you.  If you run off, we're not coming after you.  You keep up with us or you get left behind.  Kapish?"

The Princess nodded.  "Oh, you won't have to worry about me."

1D5 => 1 (The princess shows up again with ANOTHER sidequest)
1D15 => 2 (Notice a figure crouching in the ditch)
1D15 => 14 (Catch Gorret's signal about the figure hiding in the ditch)


  • 1 - The party reaches the magicians only to find it deserted, and the corpses of the wizards are all that remain.  
  • 2 - The party reaches the magicians, and they agree to send an agent with them.
  • 3 - The party reaches the magicians, and they agree to send an agent with them...  For a price.  The Princess.
  • 4 - The party takes an extra day getting to the magicians, and someone realizes that the Princess is a magician herself, while at the campfire.
  • 5 - The party is assaulted, and the Princess saves them all with magic.
The End

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