Chomski - The Mission

“Wait,” said Chomski. "I can heal them. I think."

"NO!" grunted Zossimo through his agony. "FLOWER... KINGDOM."

"I got this," Chomski insisted. Zossimo gritted his teeth and Mar was barely conscious enough to groan. Chomski stood in front of them and began to focus her core energy, calming her breath, gathering strength, and all that. Silently she muttered some gnomish on the side to make sparks fly around her. For visual effect. She didn't actually know any healing magic. But one time she had magically fixed a broken sandal, and she was pretty sure she remembered how to do that. 

"...annnnd presto!" she concluded, extending one hand to each of her victims, I mean comrades. A dazzling light show accompanied her announcement, but nothing seemed to change about Mar and Zossimo, apart from a significant wincing. 

"Well?" asked Randus. "Any better?" Neither of them answered. Randus frowned. "Any... worse?"

"Peachy," grumbled Zossimo sarcastically. "Can we PLEASE go to the--"

"Hang on!" said Cathy, who had been sitting on the ground, writing in a notebook this whole time. "I can heal them."

"Well what are you waiting for?!" shouted Gorret. 

"If you all would read my books, you'd appreciate the time I spend working on them... Honestly, you'd like them, all the main characters are inspired by you guys."

"All of us?" said Chomski. 

"Yep, there's even one based on you..."

"Is she a bard?" asked Chomski, unable to hide her newfound enthusiasm for Cathy's works. 

"Can we focus!?!?" shouted Gorret. 

"Alright, alright..." said Cathy. "Sheesh..." She got up, took out her new wand and flicked it a couple times toward Mar and Zossimo. Then she sat back down. 

"Whew," said Zossimo. "I feel like a million gold salurons." Salurons are demon gold, obviously. 

"Me too," said Mar, getting to her feet. "So, wasn't there a dragon we were going to go kill?"

The group heaved a collective sigh of relief and began walking in the direction indicated by the little red line on the map. They said goodbye to the flower princess, though secretly they all suspected she would eventually show back up and offer them further side quests. 

"So... No thank-you's or anything?" said Cathy, but Mar and Zossimo were out of earshot. "We'll just see how Mer and Blossomo fare in my next novel..."

1d5 --> 5: Cathy/Chomski heals them

1d15 + 6 --> 11: Chomski doesn't injure them any further

1d15 + 8 --> 21: Cathy heals them

1: The flower princess tracks them down with a new quest

2: They cross a river full of gorblons

3: They meet a band of bandits

4: They encounter an enchanted statue that doesn't like them

5: They burn something down

The End

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