Gorret - Anger

Gorret can’t believe that all of this happened. Get them back together and everyone causes a huge mess everywhere. First they destroyed their favorite tavern, burning it to the ground by accident and then they freaking created a super robot with a SUPER TRIDENT OF DEATH. Gorret was not amused.

Looking around the ruins, he kicked a fallen wall and looked around.

“Where’s Mar?” He growled, looking around through the smoke. They had wasted enough time doing nothing. “And Zos, we need to get going.”

There was no response.

“Mar?” He frowned. “Zos? Get out from where you’re hiding! This isn’t funny! We’ve got a dragon waiting for us that might be killed by someone else any second now!”

He heard a groan and saw both Mar and Zosimo on the ground and injured.

“God...” He cursed. “You got to be kidding me.”

He dragged his two injured friends out of the rubble where everyone else was waiting, including Rivera. The princess of the Flower Kingdom.

“They’re injured.” He muttered, dropping the two on the ground. “Anyone know any healing magic?”

He glanced up at Chomski and Cat, but before either one of them spoke, Rivera stepped in.

“We can take you to the Flower Kingdom. We’ve got the best healers there.”

Gorret’s eyes flew open wide in horror.

“Oh no, no no no nonononono. We are not going one any more side quests. I refuse! We were here to kill a dragon! Not to take a stroll through the Flower Kingdom and prance through valleys of daisies like little girls!”

Rivera’s face stretched taut at the insult.

“Well then...” She turned. “I should get going.”

“Wait!”A weak voice called out. They all turned to see Zosimo roll over. “I wanna prance through valleys of daisies like little girls!”

1d5 => 5   Mar and Zos are injured

1d15 => 6   Rivera offers to go to flower kingdom

1d15 => 1   Offend Rivera

1d15 =>4   Zos wakes up and wants to go to the Flower Kingdom

1. Everyone sets off to the Flower Kingdom

2. [someone, roll 1d7, including Rivera] is somehow poisoned and they must set off to find an antidote

3. Gorret throws a temper tantrum.

4. An evil wizard challenges [roll 1d7] to a life or death match of chess

5. Chomski/Cat heals Zos and Mar and they set off to find the Dragon.

The End

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