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Warning: This Chapter may cause:  cold sweat, anxiety, nervousness, excessive fan-gasms, tired eyes, and FEELS.  Enjoy!

The group decided upon using the EMP blast, however, there was a condition.  Gizmo sighed as he realized what will have to happen.  Zosimo and Randus both understood, while the girls, Gorret, and obviously Hank were oblivious.  Assistant was clacking away before it too grew quiet with understanding.  Mar picked up on this and had to ask.

"What do you guys need to do to make this EMP?"

Zosimo spoke first.

"We have three options.  The first is where all three of us pull our magic and technology together to create the initial charge for the blast."

"Let me guess, there's a catch?"

Gizmo nodded before continuing where Zos left off.

"All of the tech needed is inside; we need to be in close vicinity for it to be effective; and.. there is also a 50/50 chance of causing a large explosion."

"Not to mention that we could be giving it a huge jump start."

The group cringed at the thought.  They've had enough fires and explosions for a good while.  Chomski chimed in.

"What's the second option?"

Zosimo smirked at the thought going through his brain.

"We take the thing head on, and use a conductive object on the trident itself.  It's a smaller EMP blast, but it should render it useless for a short time.  However, this leads to more injuries from fighting that thing.  Maybe, even death."

The group didn't like the sound of that one either.  Cathy and Gorret both asked the next question.

"..And the third option?"

Randus' gaze fell downcast as his voice became hardly audible from the noise inside.

"We use the only tech we have here, that already has enough magic and electromagnetic charges to bring that thing to a screeching halt."

Mar was completely stumped by the tech stuff, but there was one thing that she could sense.  As if, her Anima could read its very soul.  

She knew Randus would never fully agree on that third option..

..and neither would Mar


"How exactly are we going to go through with this again?"

Randus skittishly asked as he, Cathy, and Gizmo peeked behind the broken window.  They looked inside to find the Super Robot creating several 'minions' from the remaining security bots.  Gizmo cleared his throat.

"We're supposed to wait until the 'Vanguard' of Mar and Zosimo breach the front.  Then, Chomski and Gorret sneak in to grab our gear and whatever tech needed.  We are then going to use our knowledge, and Cathy's magic to complete it."

Randus nodded.  Even though it sounded well, he felt that something would go wrong.  The young alchemist shook the thought from his head.  Now was not the time to be thinking negatively.  Especially when his friends were counting on him.

Zosimo opened the door slowly to spy on the enemy formations.  He deduced a cunning way to get through the masses.

"You take left; I've got right."

His guttural voice broke out from the silence as a huge toothy grin came to his face.  Mar smirked at the lack of a plan, even though he probably could have made a better one.  They both push open the door; rushing the first robot they see.


Gorret, Chomski, and Hank waited in the shadows for the right signal.  Unfortunately, that signal was the crashing and scrapping metal against metal sounds that accompanied Mar and Zos' onslaught.  They both sighed as they sneaked into their respective rooms and gathered all the gear that they could carry, and slinked back to the window Randus and the others were hiding behind.

"Good, now grab a Lynx Capacitor, a Circuit Board, and a Copper Coil.  They're usually in the underground storage."

Gorret and Chomski growled internally before the three snuck back inside to the stairs that Gizmo went into to grab the catalog.  After descending a flight of stairs, they came to a room that once held a large vault door, which was now broken wide open.  As they enter the vault, they notice the abundance of items that were manufactured there.  Each was labeled so the parts were not hard to find.

Though, nothing is ever that easy.

As soon as they left the vault, an alarm sounded out and several Minion Bot's swarmed around them.  Gorret kept shooting volley after volley to keep them at bay, while Chomski and Hank raced back to the group.  Sadly, when they got back to Randus and Gizmo, they find out that the Lynx Capacitor was broken during the struggle.

"What now?!"

Chomski growled which caused Hank to growl too.

"Our First Option is a failure without a capacitor, and I'm not sending you guys back in there."

"Second Option then?"

Randus nodded as he gave the copper coil to Assistant.  Assistant mulled over the item that was given to it.

"Assistant, can you race over to Mar and Zos?!  Give them this coil.  Zos knows what to do from there."

Assistant gave a little salute then scurried from Randus' hand to the window, and dropped to the floor below.

Rivera looked over at them and sighed.  

"Do you really think this is going to work?"

Gorret turned to Randus and said,

"You know, I completely forgot about her."

"Me too."


Mar and Zos were sweating, or as best of a sweat a demon could get, after destroying all the Minions.  They stood before a throne of devices and weapons, and the one sitting in it, the Super Robot itself.

"You dare try and take my dwelling from me!"

"No, more like taking your life!"

Mar barked out at it.

"What gives you the right to think that you are important?!  A shiny trident?  Don't make me laugh."

"Foolish organic being!  You do not know the knowledge that I possess through my AI.  The power that this weapon has unleashed within me.  I am far more powerful than you!  Behold!"

The Super Robot shouts as it levels the SUPER TRIDENT OF DEATH as sparks come from its ends.


They both run behind a wall, just as a bolt of lightning strikes where they once were.  The two find themselves next to the table with the box of gifts.  The only one remaining was Zos' gift to her.  

"So, what now?"

Mar asked.  Zosimo looked around for something to work with.  He saw the sword and grabbed it.

"I remember you were just getting used to Anima when we last met.  You could barely strengthen your blade with your soul, let alone wield another blade with it.  How about now?"

Mar's eyes widened.  This wasn't the first time that Zos tried to tempt her into using another blade, but Vald Lov was the only one that her Anima could truly synchronize with.  That, alone, took a lot of time and energy to accomplish, and he wanted her to do it to another!

"Is it our only chance?"

"Well, given that your Anima is able to change the composition and alloy of a material, then you could make the sword 'super conductive' and we can cause the EMP on our own."

"What about Option One?"

"I think we already failed."

Zos said as he saw Assistant peak around a corner.  It then popped out and scuttled to their position with the copper coil.  Mar let the little mecha spider climb on her shoulder as she stood.

"Fine, let us get this thing over with."

Mar huffed as she took the sword from Zos.  She slowed her breathing as she pictured her soul expanding into Vald Lov, making the two; one.  This was common practice now, but the next part would be harder.  Mar braced herself as she forced her Anima into a new shape.  It was physically exhausting as well as mentally.  It was slow, but soon her soul covered the new blade.  Mar breathed a sigh, but felt that she was bleeding from her nose.

"Mar, are you good like this?"

"Yes.. The Anima won't stay in the sword for long.  Let's go!"

She said as she threw the sword to Zos, which causes even further strain on her body.  The two ran out from the wall just as another blast was sent their way.  They split, and circled around the Super Robot.  Zosimo came in first, and shot a few fireballs before trying to slice at it's plastic 'flesh'.  The Robot took the hits, but deflected the slash with the TRIDENT.  Mar took the advantage and slashed at it's side.  This did nothing as the TRIDENT protected it.

"We need to get that trident away from it!"

"I got an idea!"

A small girlish voice called out to Mar.  Just as she heard that, Zos' Blade flew out of his hand and into Mar's off hand.

"Let me worry about this blade, concentrate on the other!"

The voice called out again.  As though she were liberated from some of her stress, Mar hefted both blades with surprising ease, even for her.  Her Anima even felt stronger which shouldn't happen unless she was connected to another soul.  That's when it hit her.  The only one that was truly touching her at that moment was..


"You and me!  Take out that trident!"

"Got it!"

The two; now one, race along the Super Robot, and collide both blade against the SUPER TRIDENT OF DEATH causing a small EMP to erupt from them.  At that moment, the SUPER TRIDENT OF DEATH flickered back into the TRIDENT OF DEATH, while immobilizing the robot for a short time.  Zos sprang into action, and started tearing the trident from its grip.  Though, as the robot started to stir, an arrow pierced its hand.  The 'wound' slowly bubbled and grew bigger, as if from acid.  

Zos saw from the corner of his eye Randus and Gorret working together to form Acid Round Arrows for exposing the inner mechanical parts.  Cathy started weaving spells to hold the robot down longer, while Chomski worked some sigils onto the skin to make the armor weaker.  Mar released contact of the trident to Zos.

"Where is this thing's heart?!"

"Central Region, maybe?"

"Alright, everyone aim there!"

She yelled as she pointed her swords to the chest / midsection.  Chomski nearly plastered it with sigils as Gorret shot his Acid Rounds into the plastic 'hide'.  Soon the armor was thin enough for Mar to slice a wedge into it, exposing the core, but got Zos' blade stuck in it.  Zosimo finally tore the TRIDENT OF DEATH from it's grasp, and plunged it into the abomination's core, just as it gained it's SUPER charge back.  An electromagnetically charged object and a conductive object touch, and another EMP rockets through the exposed body, causing it to shut down.

Everyone stands in awe at the events that took place.  Though, Zos and Mar were more out of it than the rest.

"Heh.. That was.. fun!"

"Bwa ha ha!  Sure.. was!"

Zos bellowed out as he pulled the TRIDENT OF DEATH out of the robo corpse.

As soon as he did, the robot awakened and grabbed Mar and Zos.  Now exhausted, the two could not fight back, and the others had exhausted most of their ammunition, except Cathy, but she was getting to the point-of-no-return for magical users.  Mar could feel the life being squeezed from her body as she tried to summon her Anima, once again.

"Don't do it!"

The voice called out again.

"You did enough.  It's my turn now."

She slowly turned her head to see a little golden metal sheen jump from her to the robot's core.  It attached itself to the core, and a loud 'whirring' noise came before a large EMP shockwave erupted from the spot.  Static started spurting from the core to the rest of the robot.  It was about to explode.

The little golden spider touched the sword that was left behind.  With a bit of Anima still remaining, its thoughts were relayed before the Super Robot exploded in a blinding light.


"Thank you."




1d5 = 1 [EMP causes Super Robot to EXPLODE]
1d15 = 10 + 2 Int [Mar figures out the third option]
1d15 = 11 + 3 Str [Mar and Zos take out Minion Bots]
1d15 = 2 + 4 Agi [Gorret and Chomski gather the gear, but lost tech in ambush causing 'First Option' failure]
1d15 = 5 + 2 Arc + 1 Skill [Mar summons Anima into Vald Lov and Zos' Blade, which causes moderate physical and mental stress]
1d15 = 14 [Assistant helps Mar through the 'Second Option']
1d15 = 4 [Everyone participates in Final Strike, but fail the 'Second Option']
1d15 = 1 ['The Third Option' causes the robot to explode]


1.) The Explosion doesn't destroy all of Bazooka Inc. Labs
2.) Assistant walks out of the rubble with the copper coil still on it's head [Who said "Thank you?"]
3.) Everyone comes out of the explosion with minor injuries [including Assistant]
4.) Bark! Bark! ~whimper [Hank's search for Assistant][Bazooka is destroyed edition]
5.) Mar and Zos gain multiple wounds, and everyone must find a place to treat them

The End

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