Chomski - Mechanical Advantage

Squidface was back on his feet, as battle-ready and disgustingly hideous as ever. He lunged toward Mar, who happened to be standing between Squidface and the now-SUPER TRIDENT OF DEATH. Mar assumed her valiant battle stance.

Meanwhile, Chomski was struggling with her new staff. It was pretty, but a bit too big for her. She didn’t want to say anything though, because Zossimo had clearly tried to make it gnome-sized, and she didn’t want to offend him. It was wise to avoid offending demons.

She aimed the heavy staff at Squidface and hoped for the best. But just at the last moment, it swung too far to the side, and the blast of smoke and light that came out of it hit one of the robots instead.

Chomski wasn’t sure if what happened next was a coincidence, or if she had somehow caused it to happen with her crazy new staff. But she REALLY hoped it was the staff!

The robots all stopped fighting, levitated into the air, and started glowing brightly. Triumphant background music seemed to fill the room, and the robots gravitated together. Suddenly, robotic parts began twisting and clicking, detaching and reattaching in new places. Even Squidface stopped what he was doing and stared up in amazement. The robots had merged into one gigantic super mega robot.

Randus looked at Zossimo.

“Did you invent that?” he asked.

“No,” said Zossimo. “You?”


“You know what that means…”

Cathy looked at them questioningly. “What does it mean?”

“We’ve got competition,” said Zossimo bitterly.

The super robot, without further hesitation, picked up the SUPER TRIDENT OF DEATH. It obviously put up a good fight, because the super robot struggled for several seconds against an unseen force trying to thrust the trident out of his grip. The trident glowed red, as though it would be burning whoever was holding it, had that person not been a super robot made out of nearly-indestructible metal. Soon, the SUPER TRIDENT OF DEATH was in the super robot’s hands, and it was turning back toward the battle.

The super robot, wielding the SUPER TRIDENT OF DEATH, swung maniacally, blasting every remaining brute into oblivion. Finally all that was left was Squidface, cowering in a corner and squealing for mercy.

Now utterly invincible, the super robot yelled “I am utterly invincible! I banish you from the premises!”

Squidface crawled out of the room and made his way quietly towards the main door. On his way out, he gathered what was left of his pride, and shouted, “By the Squidgod, I swear, I shall return and reclaim my TRIDENT OF DEATH and seek vengeance upon you all!"


1d5 —> 4 (The robots merge into one super mega battle robot)

1: The Super Robot starts attacking everyone and the group is forced to flee.

2: The princess leads the group on a side quest.

3. The Super Robot agrees to escort the princess back to safety, averting the potential side quest. 

4: The group meets the person who invented the robots.

5: The Super Robot entrusts the SUPER TRIDENT OF DEATH to someone (Roll 1d4: 1,2,3=Gizmo, 4=One of the group, roll to determine who!)

The End

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