Zosimo - Nemesis

Zosimo stared at the ugly monster, both angry that this monster would dare barge into his company, dare challenge him, and curious as to how Squidface could even talk with tentacles replacing what would normally be mouth. Zosimo and Gorret stood in battle stance, un-intimidated and ready to fight....

...Until 5 more brutes pushed their way into the tiny double-door way. Both Zosimo and Gorret began to back up slowly...then flat out run as the others began chasing them.

"RRRRUUUUUUUNNNN!" Gorret hollered as he and Zosimo raced past the others, who were all still admiring the weapons on display and store catalogs. They looked up, clueless, then turned to see the pack of brutes chasing them in unison, then followed in pursuit. 

"Zosimo!" The Squidface called, his voice garbled and squidlike, as though he were talking underwater, "I have the TRIDENT OF DEATH. Do you know what this means? I'm unstoppable now! I'm invincible! So just be a good little Demon and just surrender please."

"To be honest," Zosimo said, huffing to Gorret as they ran, "I had no idea he could even talk." 

"Everyone!" Gizmo called, waving his arms "Go to storage and barricade the doors! The Security Forces can slow them down as you escape!" 

"Security forces," Gorret muttered, looking back, "What Security-"

The answer came in an army of gleaming white, plastic-armored robots that seemed to manifest themselves out of nowhere as they marched towards battle as the Group raced past them. They had small, pear-like bodies, different colored round lights in the center of their would-be faces for what Zosimo assumed to be eyes, and robotic like spider legs that made them unrealistically swift as the crawled and scattered across the floor. Zosimo wasn't really sure how these robots would be able to stop Squidface and his gang, until each simultaneously, as though sharing one brain, revealed magical laser guns from their armor and began shooting at Squidfaces gang. They were bad shots, but it gave the Group enough time to flee into the storage at the back wall and slam the doors shut. Mar and Cathy held them closed, making sure no one could get in. Soon Zosimo and Randus began piling up storage crates next to the doors to help secure them. Just in time too - as soon as they had set the first crates down someone began pounding on the other side of the door. 

"Why exactly did he want us to go into storage?" the girl, Rivera, asked "If he was distracting them, why didn't he just tell us another way out of this place?"

"There is no other way out," Zosimo growled in frustration, rushing more crates towards the door.

"More importantly," Chomski began, "Why did you steal their Kings Pendant?"

"I didn't steal it!" she cried, "It was my fathers pendant before they and their stupid Monster King or whatever took a fancy to it and decided to take it for themselves. It started a war between our two kingdoms..."

"Wait," Mar paused, looking over at Rivera, "You're a princess?" 

"Duh! I'm Princess of the Flower Kingdom. This Pendant is the sacred treasure of our Kingdom! Whoever is king or Queen wears it during his/her reign, and the passes it on to the heir. Look at the Pendant...it's shaped like a Rose." She pulled the pendant up from underneath her cloak, "You really think those savage monsters would really make something like this?"

Zosimo's ears perked at the mentioning of flowers. He loved Flowers. Oh my god. He loved them all. Sunflowers, Tulips, Seahearts, Dahlias, Magnolias, Dragonfires, Lilies, Orchids, and yes, even Roses. He had always wanted to see the Flower Kingdom; he could only imagine how stunning it was. Flowers were possibly Zosimo's favorite thing in the world, except, well, maybe weapons designing. 

Zosimo, now is not the time for Flowers. Concentrate.

"Wait, your kingdoms are at war," Cathy began, "over a pendant?"

"It's about much more than just a pendant, thank you very much, it's about honor and prestige and-"

"Hey guys, look what I found!" Randus called over to all of them. He was looking down into a box, Hank and Assistant at his side, rummaging through some equipment the box contained. As the group rushed over they began to see that inside the box were weapons. But not just any weapons, Zosimo recognized. They had been weapons, he began to recall, that he had made especially for all of them, each a gift, to be revealed when next Christmas came around. Until he lost them.

"Woah," Gorret said, holding out and aiming a large, intricately designed bow, getting the feel of the device. 

"Check this out," Randus said, pulling out a large, delicately carved sledgehammer and twirled it around, "It feels so nice to just hold." 

Chomski was examining a large staff, practicing her magic with it, while Cathy toyed with a wand that allowed her to channel her magic with ultimate ease. Mar was the only one to not pick up a weapon. 

"What are these?" Mar asked.

"They're gifts. For all of you." Zosimo answered, and couldn't help but smile. They all stared at the weapons with amazement. "I had made them so I could give them to you at Christmas. But I guess when our lives our endangered that's also a decent time too. The bow and arrow is yours, Gorret. And the Staff and Wand are each yours, Cathy and Chom,"

"Chomski," she corrected, but smiled.

"That Sledgehammer is yours Randus, and this," He handed the sword to Mar, "Is yours."

She paused looking at the sword, clutching the one at her side absentmindedly.

"What's wrong?" Zosimo asked.

"Nothing's wrong, Zos, the swords awesome," she looked down and patted the sword at her side, "It's just, I grew up with this Sword. It was the one I was knighted with. I've shared so many memories with it and, and  I'm not ready to give it up quite just yet." 

Zosimo nodded understandingly. 

"Here they come!" Chomski said as the barricade burst open as the brutes and robots alike moved their battle into storage. They were all quickly surrounded. Randus backed up against Zosimo, both of them facing opposite directions, ready to fight.

"Guess this is just like old times," Randus said to Zosimo as they fended off the brutes.

Two brutes were attacking them, each carrying larges Scythes, their eyes glowing in anger. Randus swung his Sledgehammer, and shattered the Scythe, as well as a couple of the brute's bones as the Sledgehammer collided with his arm.

"Dang Zos, you made this thing OP." Randus remarked, looking down at the thing with renewed amazement.

"I try my best," Zosimo stated. With no weapon of his own, he was breathing fire (afraid of burning the place down with his fireballs) towards his attacker. The brute was able to quickly dodge Zosimo's attacks, and began swinging his Scythe ever closer towards Zosimo's neck.

A burst of energy came from Cathy's direction as she used some sort of spell with her newly acquired wand to knock the brute away and out off Zosimo-neck-chopping-off-range. The robots were still organized and fighting strategically. A thought occurred to Zosimo: the brutes hadn't tried to break in, they were trying to flee from the robots. 

Inside Zosimo felt proud at his company's ability to defend itself. Bazooka Inc. Labs weren't helpless little posts full of supplies free for the taking: if you wanted anything from a Bazooka Inc. lab, you'd either have to buy it, or fight an army of well designed and well equipped robots for it. 

White filled his vision as Zosimo as struck from behind - hard - by something large, knocking him to the floor. Quickly getting up, he saw that it had been Squidface who had knocked him down. Looking over behind him, he could see that Squidface had also knocked Randus out of the way. Randus was on the floor, struggling to get up. They were separated now. 

"I declare you my nemesis, Zosimo of the Bazooka Incorporated!" he snarled, "And with this TRIDENT OF DEATH I shall not rest until I slay you."

Wonderful, Zosimo thought.

"Must you really shout the name?" Gorret called, singing the word name as he shot an arrow into the back of Squidface. Zosimo rushed over and stood next to Gorret, who was smirking at his well aimed shot. Until he saw Squidface was unharmed...and pulled the arrow right out of his back as though it were merely a thorn.

"You fool, don't you realize!" He began to shout, his tentacle mouth flapping, "The TRIDENT OF DEATH makes me INVINCIBLE!" 

"Oh, so he wasn't lying about that part," Gorret murmured, his voice sounding only slightly concerned.

Squidface roared and lunged at them both. But not before a tiny robot appeared between them and shot a stream of lightning toward Suidface. The first struck Squidface, and even though he was Invincible, it didn't make him immune to feeling pain. He clutched his head, and fell to his knees, wailing in Squidlike agony. 

The second struck the TRIDENT OF DEATH, which lay on the floor not but 5 feet from Squidface. But rather than seem damaged, the Trident began to glow. And glow brighter. And then completely fill up the room with golden light as bright as the sun  as the TRIDENT OF DEATH floated into the air like a mystical monk. 

"Uh oh." Muttered Randus, who was now back on his feet and at Zosimo's and Gorret's side. "This can't be good." He muttered. 


1d5 ==> 3 (Lightning stirkes Squidface’s TRIDENT OF DEATH and supercharges it to the SUPER TRIDENT OF DEATH)

1d15 ==> 15 (Contents of the box are extremely useful. In fact, they are gifts!)

1d15 ==> 2 (lightning bolt misses)

1. The SUPER TRIDENT OF DEATH returns to Squidface's side, and the battle resumes.

2. The SUPER TRIDENT OF DEATH gains self awareness and takes on everybody.

3. Knights from the Flower Kingdom arrive to help rescue the Princess and fight Squidface (roll to determine whether they help group of not)

4. The battle Robots merge into one super mega-battle robot.

5. Hank and Assistant somehow save the day. 

The End

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