Gorret - The Return of the Squidface

Gorret didn’t exactly like the newcomer. Something about her didn’t seem right, but he was quickly distracted by the large catalog at hand. All those bows.... He could die here happy. He set down the catalog and rubbed his eyes, yawning slightly.

“Aw, our little Gorret’s tired.” Mar jested, elbowing him in the side.

Gorret rolled his eyes.

“It’s hard not to be tired dealing with you bunch of half-morons.”

“Hey!” Zosimo glared at him with his arms crossed. “I’m not a moron!”

“Well, with the exception of you.” He said, patting the demon on his back. “Oh and you.”

He pointed at Mar. Immediately everyone else was glaring at him.

“And the rest of you...” He trailed off weakly. There was a long awkward silence as everyone glared at him. But then, someone knocked on the door. Taking the cue, Gorret rushed off.

“I’ll get it!” He half sang, dancing to the door, relieved of those angry glares. “Good evening to you, Mr. Umbrella-less man, what service can I do unto you on such a lovely wet and loud night?”

He bowed slightly before the stranger before getting a good look at him.

“Get out of the way. I saw the girl walk in here.”

“Huh?” Gorret stared at him. “What girl?”

“Stop hiding her. We know she’s in here and she stole our king’s pendant.”

Gorret facepalmed before he turned back and screamed at the others.

“Hey, we got some squidface with a huge trident asking for some girl! I told you we shouldn’t have let her in!”

At that moment Zosimo burst in and Gorret watched as both non-humans had a long long stare off before Squidface rolled up a non-existent sleeve and growled.

“We’ve got a score to settle.”


1d5 => 3 people come to capture someone


1d2 => 2 targets Zosimo

1d15 => 13 + 3 charisma  gets away with offending Zos

1d15 => 4 everyone else hears

1d15 => 5 + 2.5 charisma half convinces everyone not to kill him


1. Squidface sees Rivera and tries to capture both.

2. Lightning strikes and sets Bazooka Inc. on fire

3. Lightning stirkes Squidface’s TRIDENT OF DEATH and supercharges it to the SUPER TRIDENT OF DEATH

4. It suddenly starts snowing and the wet Squidface turns into a frozen icicle

5. Chomski sets Squidface on fire (and does/and doesn’t) (roll die to determine) burn down Bazooka Inc. as well.

The End

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