Mar ~ A Stormy Night

Retiring for the night, Mar decided that this place was friendly enough to let her guard down slightly.  She entered the "Girl's Room" and removed her plate and chainmail.  She pulled out a dark blue tunic, and a pair of ragged slacks from her pack; slipping them on over her undergarments.  Unfortunately, there was no separating her from Vald Lov as she put the sword belt on.

Chomski sighed as she watched Mar get changed.  You would think a knight could get some better "normal" attire.  She just looked so...  Chomski shook her head as she called Hank over.  Hank walked over and sat next to his owner after, what looked like, a heated debate with Assistant.

A flash of lightning shown through the window.  Mar looked out to see that the sky had darkened considerably, and a storm had begun to brew.  At that moment, the thunder sounded.  That last strike was close.  Mar whistled.

"Good thing we got inside when we could."


"Yeah, wouldn't want you smelling like 'wet dog' in here, now do we?"

Mar and Hank look at each other thinking 'she's obviously talking about you'.  Mar sighed and decided to look for a bathing room, or some place to clean up.  Assistant decided to hitch a ride, as it climbed up her slacks and tunic.  She strolled out of the room and headed towards the main hallway.  As she did, she could find two groups in heavy conversation; Cathy and Gizmo chatting about her latest novel; Zos and Gorret were looking at the catalog for whatever they could get.  

She decided to go to Zos and Gorret to see what they were up to, and to ask about a bath chamber.  As she approached, Gorret seemed to be the one pouring into it as Zos just watched.

"Hey guys, what's going on?"

"Oh just checking out the catalog.  Oh!  You guys have the Recurve Bow of Eternal Flame!  Do they come enchanted, or is that an extra thing?"

"If it's in the title, it's part of the initial cost.  Not that we're really buying anything, though."

"That's right!  Maybe.. OH!  This Longbow has great quality!  Is it mahogany?"

"It comes in black, cherry, and mahogany."


Mar shook her head as Gorret was immersed in the weaponry.  Zos could only hold his pride back as he watched him in action.  Gorret soon turned to Mar while pointing at a few swords from the selection.

"You should definitely get one of these swords, Mar!  This one allows you to pierce through armor!  Isn't that way better than your dull old blade."

Mar was slightly peeved from the last part, but was interrupted by a banging at the main door.  Everyone looked at the door, waiting to see if it was really someone knocking, or just the storm.  Sure enough, another series of knocks rattled the door.  Gizmo started to get up when Mar waved him down.

"I'll get it, don't worry!"

She walked over to the door as another series of rapping knuckles came upon the door frame.  As Mar reached the door, she began to wonder who was out in this storm.  Crusaders?  Bandits?

She opened the door as a flash of lightning crashed in the distance.


Blinded by the flash of light, she didn't know that it would storm so soon.  Maybe, it was the region, but that didn't matter now.  She pulled the cloak over her head to protect herself from the winds and rain.  Though, it was only a fair time past evening, the sky was as dark as dusk.  She ran through the area, zigzagging from place to place.  Not truly knowing where to go in the first place.

After some time, she stopped to catch her breath.  She looked behind her to make sure that 'they' were not following her.  There was not a trace, though, that only told her that she had some time to recollect herself.  They were always on her trail.  'What did they want from me,' she thought.  Though, the answer was around her neck.  A gold pendant with silver embellishments.  She held the pendant in her hand and prayed to be saved from this constant chase.

Deciding to walk a little more, she came upon an industrial building.  It had a large sign in front that said 'Bazooka Inc.' in bold print.  Seeing a place to seek shelter calmed her entire being, but who knows when 'they' would come here, for her.  

Finding no other reason not to, she hurries to the door and knocks.

And knocks.

And knocks..

Feeling that there is no one here she begins to turn when the door opens, and another crash of lightning pierces the heavens.


A feminine, but firm voice called out.

"How may I assist you?"

"D-Do you have a place to spare for the night?  I have been travelling for a long while, and got stuck in the storm."

She looked up at the woman in the doorway.  Slightly ragged clothing covered her not-so-curvy form, almost tomboy-ish even.  By her side, however, was a sword of grand quality.  One only a knight would wear.  Where would she have procured one of those?  Thievery? Murder?  Many questions raced through her head.  Also.. was that a mechanical spider?

The swordswoman looked her up and down, but would only see her cloak and face.  A single lock of golden hair fell over her face as she removed the hood showing her full golden blonde hair, blazing sapphire eyes and elegant facial features.  Of course, the pendant was hidden inside the cowl of the cloak, just in case.

"Well, I don't see why not.  We have plenty of space here."

The swordswoman turned towards the main hall and called out.

"It's someone asking for shelter.  They seem legit!  I'm letting 'em in!"

She heard a voice from inside call back.

"That's fine, we have enough room for many more."

"As long as it doesn't lead to another side quest!"

Shouted a masculine, but rather hasty voice.

She sighed happily as the swordswoman opened the door wider for her to come in, but the she didn't move as the little mechanical being clicked and whirred.

"Oh right!  I'm Mar.  What's your name, traveller?"


She said rather hesitantly.

"Nice to meet you, Rivera.  Don't worry.  We're friendly."

Mar smiled as she let Rivera through. 


1d5 - 5 (A young girl seeks shelter, wearing a royal pendant)
1d15 - 8 (Mar is convinced the place is slightly safe.)
Coin Flip - HEADS (Encounter told through Rivera's POV)
1d15 - 2 + 1 INT + 1 Skill = 4 (Neither Mar nor Rivera know who the other are)


1.) The night goes on with no troubles.
Everyone gets to know Rivera
3.) The bounty hunters/TRIDENT OF DEATH come seeking Rivera/Zosimo. [Flip a coin for both choices.]
4.) Assistant looks for Randus [Through Assistant's POV]
5.) CHEESE FOR EVERYONE!! [Dinner Time, and all they had was cheese.]

The End

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