Randus - That went... Smoothly

A few seconds later, a frail man appeared at the doorway.  He had disheveled purple hair and thick-rimmed glasses, and had the pale skin of someone who didn't go outside much.  The man pushed his glasses up on to his nose, and examined the party, squinting.  Suddenly he stopped when he reached Zossimo and Randus.

"R-Randus?  Zossimo?"  He stepped back with excitement.

Zossimo let out a well-meaning (but secretly horrifying) low, gravelly chuckle.  "Gizmo!  How have you been?  We've come to see if you wouldn't be willing to part with any supplies."

Gizmo ran up to them and began shaking everyone's hand vigorously for no reason.  "Oh, I'm so excited to see you all!  Introduce me to the rest of  your friends, please!"

"You already know Randus and Assistant," Zoss motioned to each individual with a sweeping hand motion.  "The shorter one is Catherine Dixon.  The Gnome's name is Chomski, and her dog there is Hank.  The elf is Gorret Keen, and the Knight you see is referred to as Sir Mar Kuren'del.  Everybody, this is Gregory Gizmonious, but we just call him 'Gizmo' for short."  The demon turned his head to the Knight.  "Mar, put your sword away."

Slightly embarrassed, Mar sheathed her blade.  "Sorry, it's...  It was just the hair."

Gizmo's jaw was on the floor.  "Cathy Dixon?  The Cathy Dixon?"  He opened the door for the party to come inside.  "Oh, please come inside!"

Assistant jumped onto Gizmo's head and began playing with his hair genially.  As they walked inside, they were met with a humongous room filled with dozens of pieces of complex machinery.  Machines turned, automatons performed various functions, and various other men and women in the room turned to wave greetings to Zossimo and Randus.

The two looked at each other and smiled, content.

Gizmo spoke at a mile-a-minute while he led them up a flight of stairs.  "...Have always loved your fluid, yet distinct writing style, Cathy.  You remind me of the great writer, Orgon Shambuckle.  Was  he an influence?"

Cathy blushed purple on her grey cheeks.  "Sort of...  I was an apprentice under him for a few months."

"An apprentice?"  Gizmo laughed.  "That is marvelous!  You see, I always tried to get Randus to read your book, but he kept telling me: 'Oh, I know her.  She won't mind if I don't actually buy it.'  Isn't that hilarious?"

As the party arrived at a set of two doors, everybody looked back to see Cathy giving a humiliated Randus a death glare.  Assistant chuckled.

"Yes."  She said, monotone.  "Absolutely hilarious."

Gizmo pointed at the doors.  "I'm afraid we don't have an enormous amount of housing, but...  For Cathy Dixon, I can arrange something for you all.  I'm going to go downstairs and retrieve a store catalog!"  He turned to run back down the stairs gleefully, yelling back.  "Make yourselves at home!  Oh this is an absolute delight!"

A few seconds passed.  Cathy smacked Randus on the forehead.  "Best thing you've ever read, eh?"

"Uh..."  Randus chuckled nervously.  "Heh, heh..."

"That went rather smoothly."  Mar patted her sword and opened the door on the left.  "Rooms are spacious, too."  She turned to Randus and Zoss.  "Are these people good for this hospitality?  It seems a bit much."

Zoss nodded.  "They're good people.  Pluz, Gizmo is a bit of a literary geek, so I was expecting some pull there."

Cathy blushed again.

Chomski whistled towards Hank, and he trotted into the room on the left.  "This is the girls' room, I guess.  I'm going to set down my stuff before I read this catalog.  I have a feeling we've got a long road ahead of us."

1D5 => 3 (Everything goes smoothly at Bazooka Inc.)
1D15 => 1 (Randus to hint at Gizmo not to mention Cathy's book)

  1. They get their weapons, have a good night's sleep, and are off by morning.
  2. There is a weapons shortage, but there is enough for one weapon for each party member.  The party leaves by morning.
  3. Hank and Assistant have an argument over which of their owners is better. (written from Hank's PoV)
  4. A group of bounty hunters show up, looking for a young girl.
  5. A young girl shows up, seeking shelter.  She wears a royal pendant.
The End

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