Cathy - Let's go shopping!

''We won't get sidetracked, Gorret. I promise,'' Cathy said, as the others nodded in agreement. ''We'll need new, strong weapons to get through either of these obstacles and we need to be in top-notch condition, right?''

Gorret sighed.

''I suppose you're right.''

And thus it was decided that the group would go shopping at Bazooka Inc. They followed Gorret through the rest of the forrest, since he had the map, while Zosimo and Randus told them about their internship at the company. In the end the two started talking among each other, about how things were now, since Randus didn't work there anymore. This to the others' relief, since frankly, they didn't really care much. They weren't as interested in the making of weapons and technology and the like like their friends were.

''What's wrong, big guy?'' Chomski asked Hank worriedly. The dog looked a bit distraught. Assistant was sitting on his back making clicking sounds. If Cathy didn't know any better, she'd say the little spider was comforting the dog. The witch was really impressed and inspired by the two's bromance, and decided that as soon as she could she'd start writing a new book on the relationship between a dog and a mechanical spider crab. Her publisher wouldn't be too happy about this though, since she should be working on the sequel of her previous novel. Oh well.

''Maybe he's hungry?'' Mar offered. 

Randus nodded in agreement.

''Yeah, everyone gets sad when they're hungry.''

''I'm pretty sure that's just you.'' Cathy retorted. 

Randus glared at her, while Zosimo snickered.

''She's got you there Randus.''

Randus ignored his friend and they continued their conversation.

''Well, we're here.'' 

They all looked up from their own conversations when Gorret said that. 

Zosimo smiled.

''It's good to be back.'' 

1d5 = 2 (the group decides to go shopping at Bazooka Inc.)

1. Bazooka Inc. is abandoned 
2. Bazooka Inc. has been taken over by pirates
3. Everything goes smoothly at Bazooka Inc. (they get weapons and a place to sleep)
4. Before they can enter, Bazooka Inc. disappears in smoke!
5. Bazooka Inc. is haunted

The End

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