Hank: Where goes the boot?

If an orange boot was weird then a brown one was even more attractive then ever.

Wait, what?

Hank would have frowned at such illogical logic if his dog face could have allowed. But obviously, he was not built for frowning.


Hank looked around and saw Assistant waving at him.

"What?" He growled.

"I found the boot."


"There." Assistant pointed at the lone tree.

If anyone had been watching them, all they would have seen were two animals bark/clicking at each other.

Hank followed Assistant to the tree where they found dirt to be recently dug up.

"I guess you're right." Hank barked as he began to dig.

The boot was orange.

Hank cried.

1d5 -> 5  write a side quest

1d2 -> 1  write as Hank

1. The Group decides to go straight to  the Road of Reckoning

2. The Group decides to go straight to Vengeance's Trail

3. The Group decides to go shopping at Bazooka Inc.! :::DDDD

4. The Group decides to take advantage of Zosimo's status and make the people at Bazooka Inc. labs give them free stuff. Who needs morals? 

5. Continue Hank's search for the brown boot.

The End

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