Zosimo - Avelyn's Pass

"How exactly are we going to handle this?" Cathy was the first to ask.

Everyone stood at the end of the road, and at the beginning of the bridge, looking forward and down the road. They had made it to Avelyn's Pass, a short but wide wooden bridge that crossed a raging creek below. It looked perfectly fine. In fact, it looked like every other generic wooden bridge. The wood was in normal condition - a bit weathered but sturdy all the same - the side railing was intact, and the path beyond looked clear and monster-free. But the fact that the bridge had a fancy name made everyone distrust it. 

"I distrust this Bridge." Mar stated.

"It looks perfectly fine to me." Gorret said.

"I could try and float everyone across," Chomski offered, the short Gnome drinking out of a canteen. 

Zosimo didn't really trust Chomski's powers. He loved the little gnome, but her magical abilities were a tad...sporadic. He could just imagine that Chomski might get the group half way across the river, only to lose concentration and let them all fall into the river. Or even worse, she might have done it as part of a prank. And Zosimo hated water. No...you don't understand...Zosimo hated water.

"I have a better idea." Zosimo stated. They all turned to him. Randus even looked up from his game of rock-paper scissors with Assistant. 

"You're not going to suggest burning the bridge down, are you?" Cathy eyed Zosimo suspiciously, "Because I think we've had enough of that."

"No." Zosimo stated plainly. "We have no reason to trust this bridge, but no reason not to trust it either." he paused. "I say we just cross it slowly."

"Okay. Sounds good to me!" Gorret said, singing the last words as he turned to face the bridge. "Everyone, get into fighting position!"

Everyone turned their backs and formed a battle stance with their bodies, each person facing outwards with their backs to one another so that nothing could surprise them from any direction. Slowly, but surely, the group slowly crept across the bridge, everyone alert and attentive to their surroundings, expecting something to jump out at any second. But halfway across, Zosimo began to wonder if anything was going to attack them. Finally, Mar broke away from the fighting position and just walked the rest of the way normally. When she made it to the other end, she turned back to face the rest of the group, yawning. 

"That was boring." She huffed. "I thought something was going to attack us."

"Do you actually enjoy it when we get attacked, Mar?" Cathy asked. 

"Well it's sure more exciting," she said, and sat down in the middle of the path. The rest of the group made it to the end of the bridge, surprised that nothing attacked them.

"Huh, so that was just a  plainordinary, harmless ol' bridge." Randus mused, "Imagine that!"

Gorret pulled out the map and began examining it, Zosimo believed, for the next location they would be going to next. Chomski was trying to start another fire but with no luck, and Assistant was riding Hank as Hank ran in circles around Chomski and the would-be fire.

"So where to next, Gorret?" Mar asked.

"I think we have to go to the Cliffs of Raydor next," He began "But I'm not sure which route would we should take. Which sounds less deadly; Road of Reckoning or Vengeance's Trail?"

"They both sound equally unappealing." Randus said.

"Wait, did you say Vengeance's trail?" Zosimo asked. 

"Yes, I did!" Gorret said, cheerfully singing the words.

"Well, all I know is that, there's a Bazooka Inc. lab at the point where the road splits between Reckoning and Vengeance." Zosimo explained, "We could stop in and I can ask if they can spare us some weapons. We are going on a quest right? We'll need some good weapons then. Bazooka Inc. has some of the best, if not some of the most interesting weapons you can find anywhere."

"Oh? Really?" Mar said, "Wait, why would they give us weapons? Do we know anyone that works for Bazooka Incorporated?"

"Yes." Zosimo said, "Me."

"You work for Bazooka Inc?" Cathy exclaimed.

"How do you not know this." Randus interjected, "How many stories have me and Zosimo shared about our internship there?"

"Well I didn't know he still worked there," Cathy said, "and besides, Randus, you don't ever seem to catch on when a new book of mine comes out. You don't evens seem to remember the titles."

"Um...well....see" Randus stammered.

"It doesn't matter," Zosimo said, returning to the matter at hand, "I'm the C.D.O. and I think they would let me-"

"What's a C.D.O.?" Mar interrupted. 

"Everyone!" Gorret shouted, now very and unexpectedly angry, "Let the demon finish!" Everyone stared at Gorret with wide eyes. Finally...

"Um, thank you Gorret. A C.D.O. is a Cheif Design Officer of a company. I help design the weapons. Anyway, I think because I am their boss they would have to give me some of the weapons they have stored there. One for everyone. And now that I think of it, we could probably rest up their too." Zosimo stopped, thinking over what he was going to say in his head. "In fact, we don't need to go right now if we don't want to. There's dozens of Bazooka Inc. labs and facilities all over the country. We're bound to run into another one even if we don't stop at the next one."

"That's actually pretty awesome." Mar remarked, "It'll be good to have places to stop and rest on our journey. Not to mention get some pretty cool experimental weapons."

"Do you think they have anything that enhances magic?" Chomski asked.

"I don't see why not."

"But we don't want to get too side-tracked." Gorret said, "We still have a mission to complete."

"Would it really hurt us that much to stop though?" Cathy asked, "Even if just to rest?"

"I'm down with it. I'd love to see some familiar faces" Randus said.

Gorret looked apprehensive, "I just don't want to get side-tracked is all. Because usually when that happens it takes forever for anything to get done and one thing leads to another and before you know it you're back at square one and have been adventuring for over a month."

1d5 ==> 1 (The group goes through Avelyn's Pass, making it through safely)

1d15 ==> 10 + 1 Charisma (Convince group to cross bridge slowly)

1d15 ==> 14 + 1 Charisma (Tell group about Bazooka Incorporated)

1. The Group decides to go straight to  the Road of Reckoning

2. The Group decides to go straight to Vengeance's Trail

3. The Group decides to go shopping at Bazooka Inc.! :::DDDD

4. The Group decides to take advantage of Zosimo's status and make the people at Bazooka Inc. labs give them free stuff. Who needs morals? 

5. Bark!  *whurr click click* (Write about an adventure from either the point of view of Hank or Assistant as they go on a side adventure together. The adventure must start and end in one chapter. Flip a coin or roll a 1d2? (lol) to determine who you will write as.)






The End

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