Randus - We're going on an adventure!

Randus was petrified.  Bushes were one of his greatest fears, but bushes with people in them?  It was all too much.

"Who goes there?"  Mar yelled, valiantly as ever.

Suddenly, out of the bushes emerged...

...The bartender, once again.  He was holding the bag in his right hand, and pointing at the other.  He was looking very pitiful.

Randus had never felt so much relief and annoyance at the same time.

"Listen, guys...  Um..."  The bartender shook the bag.  "I know you said it was alright, but are you sure the money--"

"YES!"  All six of them screamed indignantly.

The bartender backed off, shaking his head.  "Alright, alright.  I-I just wanted to--"

"GO!"  They chorused once again.

The fat man pulled a heel-turn and disappeared once more into the forest.

"Gods above..."  Mar sighed.

"I hear ya."  Randus nodded.  "Anyway, about that magic place..."  He pointed at the map in Gorret's hands.  "How do we get there?"

Gorret traced the map with his finger.  "We are located in the lowlands right now, so there are two viable routes.  We can either take Briar bridge..."

Cathy's grey ears perked up at that.  "Isn't that the home of Briar the Beastly Bridge troll?"

"...Or Avelyn's pass, in the foothills."  Gorret continued.

Zossimo stroked his chin.  "By that Kobold mine...  Both are fairly dangerous."

"We're doing nothing just standing here, guys."  Chomski slung her pack over her shoulder and scratched Hank's head lovingly.  "Which way is the main road?"

Randus jolted up.  A chance to be useful!  He thought.  "I know, friends!  It's right--"  He turned around and ran violently into a tree.

Zoss pulled him up and pointed in the opposite direction.  "No Randus, the main road is that way."

Grudgingly, Randus walked with his friends to the main road, which was all but barren at this hour.  A couple hundred yards north, the party reached a set of crossroads.

"Avelyn's pass to the northeast, and Briar Bridge to the west."  Chomski read.  "Looks like we're gonna have to choose."

1D5 => 1 (Bartender)
1D15 => 13 (Scare off the bartender...  again)
1D15 => 2 (Find the path)

  1. The party goes through Avelyn's Pass, making it through safely
  2. The party goes through Avelyn's Pass, getting attacked by a band of Kobolds.
  3. The party braves Briar's Bridge, and makes it across safely.
  4. The party braves Briar's Bridge, but has a close call - someone had sabotaged the structure.
  5. The party braves Briar's Bridge, but run into Briar the Bridge Troll himself...  And he hasn't eaten yet today.
The End

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