Cathy - I'll show you real magic

‘’I think Chomki has just proven my point. We need real magic.’’ Gorret said after they found a new place for their camp.

‘’Batcrap,’’ Cathy cried out, while rolling up her sleeves.

‘’Oh no…’’ someone whispered. Cathy was pretty sure it was Mar, but she didn’t care. She was going to show these guys what she was capable of.

‘’You want a real fire? I’ll show you a real fire.’’

Randus groaned.

‘’Come on, Zos has already burned down the Knuckle, Chom- sorry Chomski-‘’ he quickly corrected himself when he noticed some smoke coming from her finger. ‘’Chomski already burned down half the forest. Don’t you think we have done enough damage already?’’

‘’I can control it.’’ Cathy said as she hold out her hands. She started saying some weird words in a language none of them spoke and soon her eyes shimmered silver. The rest of the group held their breaths. Soon, a small fire was started in the middle of the camp and sure enough, Cathy was able to control it. She smiled satisfactorily and started warming up her hands.

Chomski started jumping up and down in excitement.

‘’See! Cathy and I can take care of this ‘Wizard’s Wall’!’’

Zosimo raised an eyebrow.

‘’Ehm, you just burned down half the forest Chomski. Maybe Cathy can, but I’m not sure about you…’’

Chomski glared at him.

‘’Maybe I did that on purpose.’’

Gorret quickly interfered before things could get out of hand. He knew of Chomski’s temper, and Cathy would surely stand up for her and her temper was even more legendary than the gnome’s. Last time someone angered Cathy they were turned into a mouse and well… Let’s just say they didn’t live long.

‘’Okay, maybe we don’t need a mage after all. But you do need to practice Cathy.’’

Cathy was about to open her mouth and tell him that she didn’t need practice since she was the most powerful witch on the earth, but thought better of it when he gave her a stern look. She knew better than to push Gorret’s buttons.

‘’Fine.’’ she eventually said.

The group looked at the map again as Gorret told them of the route they would take, when they heard some rustling leaves.

Id5 = 2 (Cathy starts her own fire)

1) It's the bartender again
2) It's Squidface (I too am still hoping for the trident of death!)
3) It's a doppelgänger (roll to determine whose doppelgänger)
4) It's a innocent rabbit, but it turns into a dangerous monster
5) It's Assistant

The End

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