Chomski - A Fiery Debate

“Whew!” said Chomski, blurting out an interruption to the strange lull in conversation that had crept upon them. “That was a close one. We almost had a quest for a minute there…” She crossed her arms and tapped her tiny foot impatiently as she stared up at Gorret, who was immensely taller than her, even when sitting. She had a fondness for Gorret because he was good in battle and a decent singer, but usually didn’t like to stand too close to him, because the size difference made her look like some sort of pet of his.

“Right, well, as I was saying...” Gorret began. The group held their collective breath, hoping nothing would interrupt Gorret until after he had explained the mission.

“A few days ago, I was emptying out my Bags of Holding, and I found this map.” He pulled a folded piece of paper out of a small satchel he was wearing at his waist. "I can’t seem to remember how I got it, but it looks intriguing, don’t you think?” He unfolded the map and began passing it around the circle for everyone to see.

The center of the map was covered in drawings of gold and jewels, and a bright red line twisted and wound its way around the map, through various obstacles labeled things like “Trail of Trials”, “Moth Demon’s Lair”, and “The Unassuming Puddle of Death”. Also there was a depiction of a large and ferocious-looking dragon right in the middle where the red line dead-ended.

“Let’s do it,” said Mar. The others nodded in agreement.

“There is one thing I wanted to discuss first,” said Gorret. “I think we need to add one more person to our party.”

“You’re kidding right?” said Zosimo, looking around. “There are six of us, we’re already bound to get noticed everywhere we go.”

“I know,” said Gorret, "but we need a mage. I mean, no offense—“ he added sheepishly towards Chomski and Cathy. “But gnome magic and witch magic aren’t really as powerful as, you know, real magic. And it says here, 'Wizard’s Wall’…” he pointed to it on the map. "I just think it would be foolish to approach something like that without a full-blown wizard at our side. And I know a few people who might be—“

But Gorret’s speech was cut off, as Cathy and Chomski’s outrage overcame any amount of patience they had.

“REAL magic?!” shouted Cathy, standing up. “I’ll show you real magic…” She started rolling up her sleeves, but Randus put a hand on her shoulder. “Off me!” she said. “Or I’ll turn you into a scallop!”

“See that’s what I’m talking about,” said Gorret. “Can either of you actually do anything useful? I don’t think Chomski can even start a fire…”

“I can too!” said Chomski indignantly.

“He means with magic,” said Zosimo. Somebody chuckled.

At this, Chomski decided it was time to prove herself. She cleared her throat.

“OK, I’m about to start a fire with magic in front of you all, and put an end to this discussion! Cathy and I can handle the stupid 'Wizard’s Wall’ with our eyes closed. Now, let me just put out this fire first…”

Chomski stared at the fire and reached out a hand, and then…

BANG! A blast of green light eminated from her palm and sent the fire blazing high above their heads in an instant. Everyone jumped back and hesitated for a moment, as if expecting the flames to die down as quickly as they had risen. But they didn’t. The treetops had already caught fire and the smoke was thickening around them.

As the group snatched up their things and began to retreat to a safe distance, Randus looked around and realized that Assistant was nowhere to be seen.

1d5 = 2 (The fire causes a forest fire)

1) Cathy puts out the fire
2) Not to be outdone, Cathy starts her own fire
3) Assistant reappears, carrying something
4) The group goes to look for Assistant but finds a terrible surprise
5) One of the group gets injured in the fire (roll to determine who)

The End

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