Mar ~ Folly, Coin, and Vigilance

After walking for a fair distance the sky bloomed in amethyst, and everyone was growing weary.  Sadly the only tavern, within 10 kilos, was burnt down.  As the sun slide into the horizon, the group found themselves in a small meadow that their path crossed.

Having had all his saving lost in one fell swoop, Gorret was walking hunched over for most of the day.  He stopped when he saw the meadow, and turned to the others.

"Okay, we'll set up for the night here."


Randus and Cathy both cry as they fall to the ground on their rear.  Assistant jumped off Randus in time to catch Mar's gauntlet.  It struggled for a second before climbing up to her pauldron.  She chuckled as it sighed/rumbled, and patted it before unbuckling her sword belt.

"Are you alright, little guy?"


"I'll take that as a 'yes'."

Hank trotted over with Chomski aboard.  He stopped, and stooped to allow her down.  Chomski got off, and pat his head.

"Thank you again, Hank."


Mar walked over to them, and kneeled down to pet Hank's head, as well.

"Who's a good boy!  Carrying ole Chom Chom all the way here!"

".. Oh Ma~ar .."

Hearing Chomski call her, Mar turned towards her.

"What is.. Gah!"

At that moment, Chomski puffed a magic smoke screen in Mar's face.  Mar just stood there as her face was covered in soot.  She coughed a twice while Assistant coughed/popped causing a little smoke to come out.  Chomski smirked after having some vengeful fun.

"Next time remember my name full name!"

"I understand *cough* I got *cough* it."


"Good!  Now hurry up, Zosimo and Gorret already made the fire."

Mar took a cloth from her satchel, and wiped her face.  She soon joined the others at the fire.  Sitting in her armor took forever to get comfortable in, but one gets used to it.  Also it is not good practice to let your guard down, even for comfort.

"So, Gorret.."

She chimed.

"About this summons.  What brings the ole group back together again?"

Gorret, seeming full of spite now for his lost change, snapped out of it and cleared his throat.

"I brought you all here.. well not really here.."

"We get it, Gorret.  Continue."

Mar interrupted.  Gorret nodded to her.

"Uh.. right.  Anyway, the reason I brought you all out here is to say..."

"I've finally found ya!"

Bellowed a familiar voice behind them.  They all turned to find a chubby man running towards them.  Gorret palmed the side of his face.

"You have got to be kidding me."

It was the Bartender.  It seemed that he had been searching for this entire time.  What did he want now?  He ran over to the campfire, stopping to catch his breath.

"F..Finally, I found you conmen!"


Gorret and Randus cried out.  The bartender pulled out the coin purse that was once Gorret's, and pulled out one of the coins.  Instead of the kingdom's gold coin currency, he held in his hand a coin of silver sheen.

"What kind o' coin is this?  I've never seen it in my time of livin'!  Are you trying to push counterfeit on me?  I'll have you know that I'm friends with the King's Knights.."

"Oh, you are friends with the King's Knights!  Good, me too.  In fact, you may know who I am."

"Of course, I don't you blasted woman.  Though, you sure do look familiar, but the knight get-up doesn't suit you."

Mar's eyebrow twitched slightly from that remark.

"I am Sir Mar Kuren' del of Celevain, and what you hold is the currency of Jovul' Vaskr kingship within the Dwarvish region.  It is worth much more, per coin, than our currency.  As a knight, I used to guard many nobles from each race.  You can trust in my knowledge and honor."

"Oh.. OH!  My apologies Ma'am.  I mean Sir!  Thank you!"

He said with wide eyes.  The bartender looked at the coins; put them back in the coin purse; bowed to the knight; and turned to walk off, gleefully playing with the purse.

Gorret sighed weakly as he watched his money fall from his grasp again.

"You could of said that they were useless, beside they were not even Dwarven."

"Better than telling him that they are just Elvish Silver from one of the Domains.  Worth more or less the same."

Mar smirked as she moved the fire with a stick.

"Yeah, but he should've also know that you're not a.."

A cold chill crept up Gorret's and Randus' back as Mar gave a menacing cold stare.  Gorret shut up in an instant.

She chuckled as she unknowingly pet an Assistant that was focused off into the distance.


1d5 = 1 (Bartender finds them and claims counterfeit)

1d15 = 7 (Get blasted by Chomski's smoke)

1d15 = 13 + 3 Cha + 1 Skill (Bluff the Bartender into believing of coin's boon)

1d15 = 2 (Mar doesn't notice Assistant's vigilance)


1.)  The night goes peacefully with nothing happening.

2.)  The fire causes a forest fire.

3.)  A mercenary group, hired by the bartender(before he found out), attack.

4.)  Whatever Assistant's attention is set on is noticed by everyone else.

5.)  Bark! [Next chapter is described from Hank's point of view.  Roll a 1d4 to choose which scenario Hank narrates]

The End

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