Gorret - A Side Deviation? No way!

(seems like 4 is our lucky number....)

Unfortunately Gorret had been running a little late. After bypassing a couple of highwaymen on his way here, a tree had collapsed right in front of him blocking his path completely. While he could have just climbed over the tree, he felt bad leaving it there to block everyone else's path. So he made himself even later by clearing out the tree.

If seemed like his fellow adventure mates were causing quite a scene without him.

"Zos burned the Knuckle down." Randus said glaring over at Zosimo.

"Oh." Gorret frowned. "Well that's inconvenient."

At the moment the bar owner walked over, his face fuming.

“You! You must pay!” Ht shouted, waving his hands all around. “First you trip me then you burn my bar! I will sue!”

“Woah, woah, woah, sir, calm down!” Gorret set two strong arms on the owner’s shoulders and pushed his failing arms down. “We’ll do anything to help pay you back.”

“You shall go on a quest then!”

“What?” The sudden outburst surprised Gorret, but then he frowned. “I’m sorry sir but unfortunately we have a quest already planned. We can pay you back the full money.”

The owner thought for a moment.

“Give money, then go.”

“Unfortunately we don’t have the money right now, but we’ll have it later.”

“No, give money first.”

Gorret blinked his eyes.

“Ok then.” He handed the man a sac of money, turned around and left. “Hey let’s go, I’ve got a lot to tell you.”

When they were far off enough from the bartender, one could hear him whimper slightly, "Those were my life savings..."


1D5 => 4 (Bartender asks to go on side quest)

1D15 => 4 + 3 charisma (convince the bartender to leave)

1D15 => 8 + 3 charisma (talk out of side quest)


1. Bartender goes after them claiming the money is fake.

2. They leave and Gorret explains what's going on.

3. Squidface shows up and begins chasing after them with the TRIDENT OF DEATH

4. The bartender gets killed somehow and Gorret gets his money back.

5. An huge eagle swoops down and kidnaps one of the party members. (assign numbers for each of the people and then roll a die to see who gets kidnapped)

The End

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