Zosimo - The Late Rusty Knuckle

Zosimo didn't see the girl coming. But when he did, it was too late to stop the dominos from falling. 

He had been chatting with Randus about a new triple-bladed axe his company was currently developing (Assistant was tapping a glass on the table with one of his claws) when the girl had seemed to float out of the crowd from nowhere and push her way into the conversation.

The Rusty Knuckle was crowded now, and the noise having gone from a soft murmurs into loud laughs and excited conversations. At the bar someone was cracking jokes, and every once and a while they'd all start laughing wildly, all of whom, Zosimo was sure, were drunk. Zosimo had never understood the human created humor of "acting stupid for laughs," but then again, not many humans, (his friends included) understood Demon dark humor of laughing at deadly things. 

"Hi." the girl had said when she approached them - was all she said - with a slight smile and glinting eyes. She was a tall elf, with a thin, curvy body, nice straight light brown hair that seemed to flow like water from the top of her head, and bright brown eyes. She looked between Randus and Zosimo, both of who were speechless and not quite sure what to say.

"Um, hello." Randus finally said, breaking the awkward silence, "Can we, um, help you?"

The girls were all deeply into conversation about boys, and didn't even noticed the girl, or really, what Zosimo and Randus were even up to. 

"I just overheard your conversation, and I was hoping, um, if you could tell me about more about that 3 bladed axe you were talking about." She giggled. 

Zosimo, not realizing the girl had no real interest in axes or blades, and just wanted to flirt, began to explain some of his ideas. "Oh! Well, the three bladed axe is made of the best Ogre Steel in the land, and it's designed to be a superb close-combat weapon when fighting solo..." his deep voice growled excitably. Zosimo hadn't noticed that the girl had slid into Randus lap, although she was still looking at Zosimos while he explained, and that Randus looked extremely uncomfortable with the situation, "We're having issues though with the testing, though" Zosimo continued, "See, when you swing the axe, it's been causing many injuries to the user, and well, everything else around it as well."

"Is that so," she said, and snuggling closer to Randus. Randus seemed to be very stiff, his eyes pleading Help, please! This feels so awkward. But Zosimo didn't notice.

"Yup! So we haven't released it in stores yet, but once we figure out how to overcome the flaw we should be able to-" Zosimo was interrupted when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Excuse me," a voice said from behind, "But um, what exactly is your buddy doing with my girlfriend in his lap?"

Zosimo turned to glance at the man. He was tall, buff, and two swords were crossed and sheathed on his back. And his ears were pointy. He was an elf! Zosimo thought to himself he had never seen such a study built, large elf in his life. 

"Um...Randus uttered, now starting to sweat a little. But before he could begin to try to explain things to the ridiculously large elf, the girl leapt up and started shouting at her boyfriend.

"Micheal! I was just having some fun! I knew you didn't trust me! I knew you'd stalk me to this bar! Why can't me and My friends just have a peaceful girls night out without you having to ruin everything!" 

"I didn't stalk you." He replied, and a group of more ridiculously buff creatures appeared behind him: one had a squidface. Zosimo wanted to ask how he could breathe on land, but determined it wasn't the best time to ask. Randus was just as quiet as he was as the scene played out. Mar, Chom, and Cathy were watching as well, trying to figure out what was going on. The rest of the bar watched intently in complete silence. 

"And besides," the buff elf, Micheal, said, "This idiot right here should know not to mess with a girl before asking if she's single or not," and he pushed his way closer towards Randus. Randus and Zosimo jumped at the same time.

"He wasn't messing with her," Zosimo said in a low, growling snarl. 

"Micheal, just leave them alone." The girl pleaded. "They really didn't have anything to do with this. I'm sorry.

Now Chom, Cathy and Mar were all up too, each of them glaring. Randus was already in battle stance. Things were intense; everyone was so silent they could each hear each other breathing. In that moment, everyone might have walked away, had a good rest of the night with their friends, and have forgotten about this by next morning. But that didn't happen. Because in that moment, the glass of beer Assistant had been messing with, fell off the edge of the table, crashing and shattering on the floor.

No one was hurt by it. No one remembers why it started, or who exactly threw the first punch. But in the moment -that moment that seemed to stretch forever -everything went to chaos.

Soon, a buff werewolf was taking on Randus; Mar and Chom were each fighting twin bulky Samurai  Dwarves, and Cathy was using her witch powers to try to stun the enemy. The beautiful and lovely squidface decided to attack Zosimo, who hissed at Zosimo with his ugly sharp fish teeth. 

"Well aren't you just cute as a kitten." Zosimo chuckled, his laugh low and deep. Squidface didn't seemed to like being compared to a kitten, and lunged at Zosimo. For a fish monster, Squidface fought with extreme skill, and soon Zosimo was beginning to be overwhelmed, but he managed to hold his ground. He was losing strength fast though. Before he could stop himself, even when a split second after he knew it was a mistake, it was too late. The fireballs were shot. 


They all stood outside, well away from the burning building atop the hill, watching the Rusty Knuckle succumb to the raging inferno and crumble into a pile of burning logs.

"Congrats Zosimo," Cathy muttered, here arms folded, "You managed to burn down our favorite pub."

"Well you can't blame him," Mar intervened, "He wasn't exactly the one to start the fight you know" 

"How many buildings is that now Zosimo?" Chomski asked, "Five? Or is this number six?" She chucked. 

Zosimo said nothing and blushed. Cathy shook her head in exasperation and walked off. Randus was to the ground, working on some sort of potion he said would heal some of the burns they all received. Assistant was on his shoulder, dutifully watching their surroundings as Randus was working on the healing potion.

"So guys," said a familiar voice, "What did I miss?" Gorret asked.

1d5 ==> 4 (The Bar Catches on Fire)

1d15 ==> 1 (Zosimo notices the girl)

1d15 ==> 6 + 5 (Zosimo was not completely subdued by the squid)

1 - The Town Police come to arrest everyone involved.

- The group flee into the woods.

3- Gorret explains to the group why he called them all here.

4 - The Bar owner forces the group to pay for the damages by making them take on a side quest.

5 - Everyone hears a loud roar in the distance 


The End

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