Randus - The Rusty Knuckle

When Randus opened the door, a cacophony of pipe smoke and yelling greeted him very aggressively.  The bar was jam-packed (as it usually was after first harvests) with individuals of varying race, size and stature.  

His mechanical spider crab on his shoulder clicked and whirred, excitedly.

"What is it, Assistant?"  Randus asked, still standing in the doorway.

The metallic creature lifted up his claw to point at a table in the crowd.  Randus saw who it was pointing at, smiled and marched over.  

At the table was a chubby, grey-skinned woman talking to a lady clad in full plate armor.  Inbetween them stood a humongous grey-skinned demon with black glasses.

He approached the table mid-conversation.  "--But then I said that 'no, you have to make the shipment today...'  I'm a professional.  How could they do this to me?  Gods, it's just been so stressful..."  The grey-skinned woman said, shaking her head.

"Cathy!"  Randus said, raising his arms.

The three turned their heads in his direction, and the chubby woman spoke.  "Randus!"  She ran around the table to hug him.  "It's been so long!"

He chuckled and hugged her back.  Then he turned to the other woman, clad in plate.  There was an intensity with her that made him very nervous, but he still couldn't help from smiling.  "Gods, you haven't changed."

In reply, Mar Kuren'del smirked patted him roughly on the shoulder with her gauntlet, rattling him a bit.  "That's 'Sir' to you, kid."  She held out her hand to Assistant, who excitedly climbed on and began purring (whirring) as Mar pet him.  "And how are you, little guy?  Haven't seen you since Ashara..."

The demon looked down at Randus with his signature well-meaning but very ineffective smile.  "It's good to see you again, friend."  Zosimo said, in a guttural voice that made strangers from two tables over turn their heads in his direction, then snap back to their tables with wide eyes.

Randus had always bonded over mechanics with his demonic friend, so much so that they worked in the same workshop growing up.  "It's so great to see you all...  Here,"  He said, starting to walk towards the bar, "Let me buy you fellas a--"  Suddenly, he tripped over something and flew directly into a crowd of people.  

After a moment, he dizzily got up.  The room was spinning, but at its center was a fat man wearing an apron, who was glaring at Randus menacingly.  As his view returned, Randus could see a large beer stain all over the man's chest.  "Oh, I am so sorry..."  He said.

The crowd around him hushed, and suddenly Randus recognized him as the owner.  He held out his hand expectantly.  Randus sighed and plopped his purse in the man's hand, and the crowd started up again.

Randus returned to the table with no drinks.  "Sorry guys.  What did I even fall on?"

Something tugged at his pant leg.

Randus looked down to see his thief friend, a Gnome named Chomski.  She stood at about three feet, and was glaring up at Randus.

"Oops."  Randus said.

Cathy ignored him.  "That's five of us.  Where's Gorret?  He was the one that called us here in the first place."

1D5 => 4 (Trip over the owner)
1D15 => 7 (See Chomski in the crowd)
1D15 => 7 + 1 Cha (Talk the owner down)

1 - Gorret shows up, no harm done.
2 - After waiting for a long time, Gorret does not show.
3 - A note from Gorret shows up via courier, informing the party that he desires to meet elsewhere.
4 - The bar catches on fire.
5 - Gorret comes crashing into the bar,  and is being tailed by a band of kobolds.

The End

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