Seila : Getting ReadyMature

I groaned and rolled over on my squeaky bed, the springs yelling out in pain.

"Shut up," I said. I pulled back the covers and rolled right out of my bed, turning into an owl and flying over to my dresser, turning back into my human form in front of it. I stretched and opened the second drawer, the only one filled with clothes. Grabbing a baggy bright green sweater and black skinny jeans. I slipped them on, and went into the washroom to brush my teeth.

When I was all ready, I grabbed my shoes, bag and ran a hand through my untidy hair. It stuck up everywhere, like it always did. Oh well. I ran out of the house and into the forest on the other side of the road, shifting as soon as I was covered bythe trees. My bag had been charmed a couple years ago and it shifted along with my form.

I landed in front of the school, not bothering to shift in the cover of the trees, and saw Alex just entering the school. I looked around, and Nina was walking up the path. I ran to her, waving.

"Hey! How's it going?" she groaned at me.

"I hate getting up early for school," I laughed as we made our way into the school, grabbing our books and splitting ways for first classes. Mine was math, yippee! Not.

The End

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