Alexander: Oh Hell NoMature

I woke up, the sun bright in my eyes. I looked around the room I was in. Wherever it was it wasn't my apartment. Which could only mean I got lucky last night. Score.

I stretched my arms and ran a hand through my hair. I felt so much stronger than I had the day before, I could only imagine the amount of blood I'd drunk last night. And I really only could imagine. The whole night was a blur thanks to the most likely ungodly amount of liquor in my system. I ran a hand through my hair again and slipped out of the still warm double bed I'd slept in that night. It was then that I noticed I still had my boxers on. Wow, maybe I didn't get so lucky after all. I wandered out of the bedroom, enticed by music that was a perfect mix of rock and folk. Why exactly? I hate folk music.

The room I stood in was a large living room in an expensive looking apartment. I looked around, taking in the expensive looking furniture and decorations, the pristine decor and the entire wall made of windows. I focused on the music again and tracked it down to a small-ish kitchen. And in that small-ish kitchen was a rather pretty boy.

"Seal my heart and break my pride,
I've nowhere to stand and now nowhere to hide,
Align my heart, my body, my mind,
To face what I've done and do my time"

He sang along to the music while he... Wait, was he making breakfast? Aaw, man, why'd I  have to get a sweet one? The sweet ones make you feel bad for just ditching them. He seemed to notice my presence and turned around, a grin pressed on his face. He had bright blue eyes and equally bright blonde hair, loosely cropped with a longer side fringe. He was lightly tanned and a little muscular. Gorgeous in other words.

"So you're finally awake, huh?" he said cheerfully.

"Guess so. Kid, what's your name again?" I asked. Okay, so that might have been just a little bit rude but I wanted this over and done with quickly.

"It's Josh. Ddin't expect you to remember, you drank so much last night".

He turned back to the breakfast he was preparing and gave a small sigh. I chewed on my lip. This really was going to be difficult. This kid, Josh, evidently knew about vampires even though he technically shouldn't. Right there on the side of his neck were two fresh puncture wounds. And they weren't particularly healed. Now, I don't know about any other clans but in the one I'm from...that means you marked a human as yours. Oh hell no.

" old are you anyway?" I ask nervously.

"Seventeen, same as you" he says, not bothering to hide the fact that his voice says otherwise.

"Listen, I've got to get to school and all so..."

"Sure. I'll see you later anyways" he said happily, starting to eat his fruit salad breakfast.

                     *                                   *                                         *

Turns out Josh lived quite far from the school so I ended up borrowing his bike. Don't ask me why he wasn't going to school because frankly I have no idea. Anyway, his place was practically penthouse quality, how the hell does a seventeen year old afford that?! I'm two hundred and I can barely afford to stay at my place! So, as I finished locking up Josh's bike and making my way towards the school entrance, some guy just appeared in front of me. Seriously. He just appeared in front of me. Manners or what? He walked into the school a little after me (if I have vampire superspeed I'm going to use it to get around mysteriously appearing teenagers thank you very much), a smile pressed on his face. I caught his scent and rolled my eyes.

"Ugh, half-vampire. Don't have the time" I said, more to myself than to him, and walked past him, accidentally catching his shoulder with my own. Oops.

The End

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