Conner: Lonesome...With FriendsMature

  I woke up, yawning. I turned around toward my alarm clock just as it shrieked annoying beeps at me, signalling the time. I waved my hand, said:

  "Atú Amara" and the clocks beeps slowly faded out, as if I'd put them on mute. I would've turned it off, but my mother had charmed it when I was young. Stupid mother.

  I rolled my eyes as I walked to my wardrobe. I didn't have much variety other than black, so I decided to settle on a plain black t-shirt and black jeans.

  When I was ready, I left for school. It was a nice walk there, but it was too long. So I walked into a forest, and looked around to see if anyone was there. There wasn't.

  "Invictus Inferno!" I called. Flames erupted around me, and when they left, I was behind the bike lockers at school. I smiled at myself as I walked into the entrance.

The End

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