Jasmine: I WishMature

The bell goes at the end of the day and I sigh with relief. At least that was one day where my anger hadn't got the better of me. I'd only missed one lesson. At least that was only to control myself.

And, two people talked to me. Two. That's a record. Maybe I can get used to Dragonfly. Annoying as she is. And Conner, Conner seems nice. Maybe he knows how I feel. Or maybe not. Not many people do.

"Jasmine! Your teachers said you had a good day today" Aunt Mandy says. I live with Aunt Mandy, and her son, Bruno.

"Yeah" I respond.

"Your music teacher said you made some friends?"

"You could say that"

"Hey Goth!" Bruno walks in from the front room.

"I'm not a Goth, Bruno. What do you want?" I sigh

"Destroy the empire!" he hands me his PSP. I quickly drop what appears to be a biscuit crumb on the floor of the temple that the character is standing in. There's an explosion and then the screen goes black. 'LEVEL NINETEEN COMPLETED' appears on the screen.

"Here, empire destroyed" I give it back to him.

"Whoa.That was quick! Thanks Jazz!" he runs back into the front room.

"What're your friends called?"

"Dragonfly and Conner" I say, stating the two people I talked to.

"Dragonfly? That's a strange name"


"Have you got any homework?"

"Teachers don't give me homework"

"Why not?"

"I dunno. Same reason they don't mind if I leave the class when they're doing an important teaching bit, same reason they never tell me off for anything. I wish they would give me homework!"

"They don't tell you off for anything?"


"They don't even tell you when you're getting too angry?"

"No! I wish they did! But they don't!" I exclaim. Then I go upstairs and try to remember the spell to fix my phone.

The next morning, having had no sleep, I get ready and walk out. The bell goes just as I get to the door. Late. Huh. I wish I'd get told off for it. Well, I'll get through the morning anyhow.

The End

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