Seila : The Palace and The ShedMature

Once Nina and I had said good-bye to Alex and gotten into her house, we each grabbed a coke and went up into her room. She glanced back at me as she put her hand on the doorknob, as if she suspected I wouldn't like her room. I couldn't understand why it mattered if I liked her room or not, but judging by how people's personalities are reflected in her room, I suspected that her room couldn't be that bad.

"Oh. My. God." I gaped at the huge wooden room, my mouth hanging open and my jaw on the floor.

"You hate it, don't you?" she said, looking sad and going to sit on her bed in the middle of the room. The entire far wall is covered with floor to ceiling - and it's a big ceiling - book shelves, and on the book shelves are what I can only assume are thousands of books.

"Oh. My. God." I walked further into her room, my neck craning back so I could take a look at it all. "It's . . ."

"Horrible? Ugly? Smells funny?" she puts in for me.

"Amazing!" I squealed. The rafters in the ceiling look awesome for a perch and the vines growing through all the cracks and over everything make it seem as though you're sleeping outdoors! Both the human and animal part of me love the oudoorsy feel.


"I said . . it's gorgeous, amazing! I love your room!" I wished I had a room as cool as this.

"Oh," she smiled at me and went over to a small section of her bookshelves, well small in relation to the other parts, and pulled out a CD that she popped into a CD player beside the door. For a good chunk of the evening we sat in Nina's room, chatting and laughing. I took several looks through her "mini library" and we had at least seven pillow fights with the various cushions all over the room. At around ten o'clock I said I had to go home, school again tomorrow. She offered to give me a ride and I reminded her of the wings. I left in high spirits, laughing, until I got home.

If only my small broken down shack could compare to Nina's house. I opened my never-locked door and slammed my body into my old, creaking, dusty bed, dreaming of a nice wooden room instead of one that flooded when it drizzled. If only I had a palace instead of the "royal" garden shed.

The End

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