Conner: LonesomeMature

  The bell rang, signalling the end of hell...Uh...School. I was relieved when I stepped out of the black gates. I might'v even smiled as I popped in my earphones. Evanescence filled my mind, leaving it a blank canvas for the one song that I wanted to hear- My Immortal.

  I walked through the winding streets and alleyways until I got to my house. It was quite grand, not really a mansion, but exceptionally big. I wasn't really proud of it- I hadn't worked to get it. Unless killing the occupant and moving in was counted as work.

  I whipped out my keys and stuffed them in the key-hole whilst the key-rings jingled and jangled annoyingly.

 "When you cry I'd wipe away all of your tears. When you scream I'd fight away all of your fears!" I sang as I walked into the house. I looked around at the place, and everything went into perspective. The air around my dead body suddenly turned melancholy. I was out here. Alone. No friends, at all. My life sucked.

The End

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