Alexander: Going To Be A Good NightMature

Okay, so hanging out with Nina and Seila was nice but it all ground down to the same thing again: species. See, a vampire and a shifter can be friends easy enough but the second another shifter comes into things... Don't get me wrong, I wasn't jealous. Okay, maybe I was a little bit jealous. But, you can't let little things like that get you down, eh?

I watched the two of them flying for a while, not really minding that it was a little boring from down on the ground, before getting distracted by that same vampire from earlier. There he was with Ivy. God, he was hot.

Getting her used to vampires, eh? I thought. I like it.

Next thing I know, Seila charged at me. "Way to give the undead one a heart attack!" I shouted at her, still in shock a little. Well, it's not every day you almost get attacked by an owl, is it? No. Didn't think so.

The two shifters landed and shifted back before rejoining me for the walk home. We got to Nina's house and she invited the pair of us in for a drink. I would've said yes but I hadn't particulalrly been drinking blood lately and didn't want to risk it. C'mon, two girls undefended in a house on their own? That's too easy. Besides, I'm pretty sure the drink Nina was offering was a Coke. And as much as I may look like a respectable seventeen year old the real me, the two hundred year old me, was only in the mood for two things: blood and booze.

I said goodbye to the girls and trotted off with a purposeful step. Tonight was definately going to be a good night for me, even if I'd probably hate myself in the morning. Well, maybe not if I take in more blood than booze. Then I'd feel better than I had in months. And I would definately be getting plenty of blood tonight. After all, I'm Alex Burns. And when Alex Burns wants something, Alex Burns gets it.

The End

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