Ivy: ClansMature

Blake flinched and I turned my head to look at him. I was curled tightly to his side.

"What?" I ask he doesn't answer. He gets up going over to the window where he looks out and hisses, letting the sharp breath through his teeth.

"Elexa" he mutters.

"What?" I mutter. Now, I'm totally confused.

"The Clan leader..... I should go and speak to them besides they're mauling your mutt" he mutters opening the window. He jumps down and I run over to watch.

"Ah, Blake" A women says tossing Brian aside. I wince, poor guy.

"Go home Elexa. I quit" Blake says sternly. The women gets mad, so thats Elexa.

"You're a blood member you... you can't just quit" Elexa hisses.

"I just did" Blake says. "I'm not harmig her"

"Ha, so you've fallen for her touchy Blake" Elexa laughs.

"Just go home" Blake mutters. He walks over to Brian checking he's okay.

"We're not gonna leave that easily" Elexa says. Then she looks up at me.

"No!" Blake shouts. But Elexa runs then..... Wack!

She bounds off a shield that appeared from no where and I feel it with slight satisfaction.

The Clan stares shocked look at there leader and run, then there leader curses and runs herself.

Blake runs to stand next to me, the shield now gone. I turn to him and he pulls me into a hug then I do something strange. I cry.

The End

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