Brian: I can't believeMature

I sat in the backyard semi hidden in the bushes you probably wouldn't spot with a glance you would really have to be looking for me. I couldn't believe that dogs could do this sit here , and do nothing. Wait I can fix that I had heard rumours of idiotice werewolves becomeing a dog to hang around humans they fancy. Oh well what other choice did I have than to sit around here doing nothing... I take a sniff with my nose , and I smell a group of vampires a few blocks off.  Huh why they coming here in a group. I think as the smell gets stronger. I see them coming up the driveway and thats when I make an appearnce , and growl. 

I didn't like the smell of them it sorta gave me the feeling they had bad intentions. I think they knew that I ' am a werewolf and back off the driveway. They didn't look completley scared though.

" Caml it pup we have a friend in there who isn't doing what he is told."

I quickly become human.

" I don't give a damm, personally isn't rude to invade someone house univited. two your friend is doing a good job of getting the girl getting comfortable with vampires so what exactly is your problem?"

" None of your buisness puppy!" The women leader bears her sharp neck piercing teeth.

" Unfortunetly it is." I grow as I turn back into a wolf hoping it wouldn't come down to a fight.


The End

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