Nina: So much fun!Mature

Seila was so cool!! It was so much fun to have another bird brain as we call it, to fly with. Alex was cool, but Seila was the my favourite person at this school so far. We chatted as we went home, we had so much in common. We got to my house, and I asked if they wanted to come in for a drink.

"Yeah, cool." Seila grinned at me.

"No, sorry Nina, I gotta bail."

"OK. See you tomorrow!" Alex waved as he ran off.

We got inside and grabbed some cans of coke from the freezer before heading up to my room. It's in the attic, and I love it. A big wooden room with beams you can perch on or swing from, with cushions and a huge bed in the middle. I've got posters and pictures, and the biggest book collection ever. But what I love most is the vines that trail over all the beams and through the cracks. I started growing them years ago from plantpots hidden in cracks and behind shelves, so it really looks like my room is alive. Perfect for a girl who loves nature. And I hope Seila likes it too.

I open the door. 

The End

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