Seila : I'll Claw Your Eyes Out!Mature

"Hey Seila," I looked up at Nina, "Wanna fly?" The question made me take a step back, and then I realized what she meant. Without a second thought, I jumped into the air and shifted into my owl form, shooting through the sky after Nina. She was an eagle shifter! Yes! I thought. I'd thought I was the only "bird-brain" at the school.

She screeched, the sound ripping the air and I let out the loudest "hoo," I could muster, which wasn't very impressive compared to hers. I swooped through the trees, dodging branches and the occasional time Nina and I went at each other. I was laughing un controlably in my head, I'd never had this much fun!

I circled above Alex for a bit while Nina sat in a nearby tree, watching him like a hawk. He finally noticed and I swooped down at him, claws extended towards his face. At the last second I pulled up sharply, hoo-ing and laughing. He cursed at me and I heard Nina screeching. The look on his face had been priceless. I landed on the ground a little ways away from Nina's tree. I jumped forward a couple times, almost to the edge of the woods, shifted and walked out.

"Come here good bird!" I said to Nina. She screeched lightly and came and landed beside me, quickly shifting too. "Next time, we'll play tag!" I said, laughing. Most of the students had gone home by now, so Nina, Alex and I started walking home too. I thought back to the day and figured it had been pretty good. It was much easier being in a school of kids like you, then being a freak in a "normal" school. When you start flying around a normal school, things don't turn out so well, trust me.

The End

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