Ivy: You don't have toMature

"You don't have to repay me" I say turning to face the wolf, Blake turning and moving around me.

"But I do" I smile lightly then begin to walk again. Its funny how I'm justn acting normally and Blake is easily compromising to my movements. Well, each of his movements are to keep up with mine.

Also with him so close I find it easier to block out the voices. There not gone Thoughts still break through now and then like important thoughts.

"Blake" I mutter.


"What aren't you telling me?" I ask looking up at him. He looks like he's in pain then.

"If I could tell you I would but.... its something you have to work out and can't be told" Blake says.

I know he's telling the truth. I can tell.

I nod then look down. We reach my house and Brian slinks round to the back into a bush.

"Mum's already home" I note seeing the car in the drive. He leans down and kisses my hand.

"I'll see you upstairs" he says then he's gone. I take a deep breath then go inside.

"Hi, honey. How was school?" Mum asks.

"Fine" I say fetching a some crisps from the kitchen. "I have some homework"

Then without waiting for a reply I run up the steps. I slip into my room and Blake is waiting patiently.

I walk over dump my bag by the desk then walk over to lie next to him. He pulls my close to his side and I curl up there.

He kisses the top of my head.

"How are you?" He asks. He seems worried.

"Fine..... You're worrying about earlier aren't you" I say smiling up at him. "How was it?"

"Don't joke about it please" he says his brow furrowing.

"No, really. How was it?" I ask getting nervous.

"It was.... different. Sort of more strong" he says looking straight up. I put a hand on his cheek and he looks down.

I lean up and kiss him. He kisses me back softly and its pleasurable.

The End

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