Brian: I'm annoying I know.Mature

I sat boredly in the next last blocks of school I tried paying attention but found that my thoughts would drift elsewhere. When the bell rang I used the fire exit to escape the like prison building and while noone was looking I transformed into a wolf. I refused outright to be human in this world. This way I didn't have to worry about human problems. I waited calmly in the trees for Ivy and that Vampire. I didn't think  they new my current situation was so I began to follow them until they picked up on me.

" What are you doing Brain?"

"Following , you two."

" You know thats a really annoying, don't you have things to do?"  Ivy asks

" I would but me doing what I do is pointless, I can't go back."

" Back where?"She asks.The vampire shoots me an ugly look. A look saying don't you dare. I decided I not pissing another being off so i thought.

" You saved me from a perfect death, I can't tread too far from you until , I repay you."


The End

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