Alexander: ConfessionsMature

Somehow I ended up with Nina again. Which was nice. I generally didn't get on with girls that much but Nina was different. The two of us were sat together when who should walk by but the Immortal One. Otherwise known as Miss Diamond Ivy Stone. I sat up in my seat a little. Well, she was the Immortal One! I noticed something out of place out of the corner of my eye and turned to see a vampire attempting to slink away unnoticed. He turned his head a little and I caught sight of his face.

"Oh my God, that is one sexy beast" I said almost involuntarily, my mouth hanging open.

"Who, Ivy?" Nina asked, looking out at the people that walked past.

"No, the vampire that's sneaking around. Wait, I think I saw the two of them together earlier. So that must mean... Man, the gorgeous ones are always straight or taken" I grumbled.

"Wait, are"

"Sure. That's not a problem...right?"

And I really hoped it wasn't because I liked Nina.

The End

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