Brian: Well now that I'm on a leash, What now?Mature

As the vampire and Ivy leave I try to go back to the darkness only to be shot backwards  to the earth.I didn't want to try agian so I went back to the school where I was really late. I ignored the teacher I was to busy thinking about why I wasn't able to go back. Then it hit me. 

She saved me from a perfect death , and I owe her my life, Now I can't go back to the darkness unless she does. This is so irratating! I said loudly in my head.

Crap I think I just got knocked rate out of this thing alltogether.  When the class ended we all left forwhatever was next. My only options now are , sitting out and following Ivy like the dog I'am , or try to convince her to go to the darkness. That was something I didn't feel like doing, I also didn't want to deal with that vampire on top of all of this. Thinking of her and that vampire I could smell her blood. I followed the scent until she passed by me unscathed. 

"so thats what they did." I think.

well who would have thunk it? The special one just let him have sip. I wonder how he gonna feel afterwards?  I should stop caring it didn't matter to me all that much. My mind is taken off my predicament by a half vampire half witch with long brown hair walking towards me. 

" Okay you've had me wondering what the darkness is? Ever since you thought about it in class. Now you going to tell me what it is!" She half orders me

" A bit bossy missy. Lets just say it where you are origined, how you don't know about it boggles me." I say

"  That explians nothing."she says

" Well it all I wish to tell you."

I see a spell around her hand forming.

" Is that nesecsary? " I ask ," Look if you look at it this way it where your origined, which means come from right? So that must mean its a place right?" I say and she nodds.

" Another thing about it is it like an alternate reality to this one. I hope that enough for todays lesson." I say then turn around to head to next class man this is mighty boring . I really begun to regret  pissing Ray off to the point of nearly killing me.


The End

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