Ivy: TasteMature

I run down the hall.

School is so boring. I want to go ho-

I pulled into another room and lips press down hard on mine. At first I'm shocked but then finally I settle down wrapping my arms round Blake's neck.

"Sorry. I couldn't wait until the end of the day" he whispers.

"I'm not complaining" I whisper back opening my eyes to look straight into his.

He smiles and kisses my neck. He groans and begins to pull back. But I tighten my grip around his neck.

"Go ahead" I whisper. He shakes his head his lips brushing my skin.

"Ivy I-"

"Go on.... please" I whisper. His breathing is heavy but he wraps one arm round holding my back then another behind my neck.

Then two sharp pierces at the neck. I gasp. It hurts slightly but is replaced by something strange.

A sort of.... open oneness.

Do you hurt?

What the hell?

We share thought pantern when.... this connected.

I swallow the nervousness in my throat which is slightly uncomfortable but..... okay.

"I've taken enough" he whispers kissing the wound softly. It slowly heals up as his lip touch it channeling I think life energy.

"That was....." I can't describ it. Painful but Pleasurable was a sort of description but it was so much more.

"I think I love you Ivy" Blake whispers pushing back a strand of hair.

"Think?" I say questioningly.

"Know" He says smiling. Then the bell for next period goes. "Go on, like I said education is vital. I'll see you at lunch time"

"I'm not being the main course" He smiles at that and I leave smiling myself.

Wow, that was weird. In a good way.

The End

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