Jasmine: AngryMature

I sit in the corner of the room with my fingers pressed against my temple. How can everyone think I'm so horrible? I've never even touched anyone in my life! The door opens.

"Jasmine? Are you OK?" it's Dragonfly

"Do I look it?" I hiss. She shakes her head. "Dragonfly, do you think I'm a really horrible person?"


"Are you lying to make me feel better?"


"Why does everyone think I'm so mean?"

"No reason. They just think it's fun to make you angry because they know they can do it easily. They know you're not at all horrible"

"Grr!" I get up and go to the door. I'm going home.

"Oh, there's a guy out there who wants to speak to you"

"Who would want to speak to me?" I mutter angrily

"He's called Connor. He says it's really important"

"Fine" I open the door to see a guy waiting outside. "What?"

The End

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