Ivy didn't say anything, she looked spaced out...probably concentrating. The teacher was running late so I searched the minds within a close proximity. Turns out there are quite a few half bloods at school...and a were wolf? cool! I've never met a ww before. Only one thought stood out I'm connected to her. I owe her my life and now I can't return to the darkness unless she does! This is so irritating! The darkness? What on earth is the darkness?

The teacher didn't show up and by the end of the day I'd picked just about every brain at school about the darkness. I can't beleive that not one singualr person's thoughts can tell me about it.

I sighed and walked out the doors, my shoulder hit something, someone, "Sorry" I mumbled and walked off. I didn't have time to be polite, I need to know.

The End

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