Seila : SchoolMature

I sat in my tree, looking out across the mountains and closed my eyes, letting the moon light seep into my skin. Even with my eyes closed, I can see the stars. They're so beautiful, and up here, there are no clouds.

I looked down the two hundred feet to the ground. I was on top of a pine tree in the middle of the forest. I stared at the ground, watching silently. My ears pricked up. A twig snapped behind me and my head whipped around in a full circle. I leaped from the tree to the ground, spreading my arms and swooping as my clothes fell from my body and were replaced by large, white feathers.

I heard the mouse before I saw it. Everything was black except for one small animal running. Body Heat. I swooped down and grabbed the large mouse between my talons, digging my left one into it's chest and killing it instantly. I flew back up to my tree and ate my meal. The smoothness of the fur and warmness of the blood rushing down my throat was so soothing. I nawed on th bones and soon polished off the mouse. Flying into the night again, I made my way towards  a building off in the distance. It's my school, I know, ew. I swoop to the front of the forest, grab my spare clothing and slip it on.

Walking up to the front doors, I whistle to myself. My name is Seila, pronounced Sh-eila. My white hair spikes up around my head. It's short and sticks up in every direction. It doesn't like to grow long, don't ask me why. My eyes are bright green, and that's the only trait, other than my hair, that I keep in my Snowy Owl form. I'm a Half-Blood. Just barely 16, I have to still attend school. I go to my locker and just sit there, waiting for the bell to ring.

The End

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