Conner: First Storm OffMature

  I sat at the back, out of the way of everyone else, hoping they wouldn't notice me. I was leaning far back  I tried my hardest not to breathe in the sweet scent of human blood...

  The teacher talked for a while about Stoves, Semi-Quavers and other things like that. I'd learnt all of this before though, so listening to her wasn't exactly my priority. I was much more interested in listening to the mind of a girl called Jasmine. 

  She was the subject of the gossip in this room, as was the girl sitting next to her- Dragonfly.

  Jasmine's mind was like a fiery ball of anger at the moment, probably because of all the gossip. She got up, asked Miss if she could go to the toilet, and left, trying to act calm.

  "I have to go, Miss." I said in my most alluring voice, walking up to the teacher who couldn't have been older than twenty. Her eyes widened at the sight of me,

"Uh, yeah, s-sure" she muttered, and then turned to the board again.

  I walked out, and tried to follow Jasmine's scent. Dragonfly wasn't far behind.

  We got to the girl's toilet, and I couldn't go any further. But Dragonfly could.

  "You're called Dragonfly, right?" She nodded, "Hi, I'm Conner, would you mind going in there and telling her that I need to talk to her urgently. She hasn't met me before, but I have to talk to her about...Something." I ordered. She nodded, then walked in.


The End

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