Jasmine: Stay CalmMature

Me and Dragonfly walk into Music. A few eyebrows are raised but that's it. I sit down at my seat at the back. Dragonfly can't get to the chair next me me, near the wall.

"Scuse" she says quietly. Ugh. One of the reasons I don't like people is that they get in the way. I get annoyed easily. I inhale sharply through my nose and get up. My chairs scrapes against the floor loudly.

"What are you doing to Dragonfly?" Miss says suspiciously as she walks in.

"I'm moving so she can sit down" I say as calmly as possible. It's not nice being known for hurting people when you've never even touched anyone in your life. Everyone turns to stare at me. "What? Is no-one allowed to sit next to me?" I snap as Dragonfly sits down. There are a few murmurs as everyone looks away. I sit down. There are loads more murmurs as the lesson starts.

"Who would ever sit next to her?" A boy who I think is called Bill whispers to his friend. I grit my teeth. There are a few more whispers along the same line. Dragonfly sighs loudly. She's obviously hearing a lot more than I am.

"Maybe she's been forced into it" A girl suggests to a boy sitting behind her. That's as much as I can take.



"Can I be excused?" I ask desperately and as calmly as I can manage.

"Yes, of coarse Jasmine" she says and turns back to writing notes on the board. I go into the girls toilets and slam the door.

The End

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