Flutura: SchoolMature

I walked in the gates, waryand unncertain, the whole place smells weird, though thats probably the medley of creatures hiding here.

I have history first and according to my map it's...right around the corner. Okay, whats a vampire doing here? Especially a vampire like that who can no way be a student. I walk foward, scanning brains How come Ivy's with that guy, I'm better than him.

He's way out of her league.  I roll my eyes

Not history again. Humans are soooo boring.




Words whizz around my head until I find hers, so she's a telepath huh? well aslong as she knows about the world she's involved in. I take another look at the vampire beside her and realise he is way too familar. Whatever, I walk into class and claim a seat by her. "Hi there, my name is Flutura."


I can tell she must know what I am. "So, how are you finding the whole telepath thing?" I whisper.

The End

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