Ivy: BloodMature

"Oh My God" The boy stumbled once again and I ran over trying to keep him up.

Then I realised who it was. It was one of the new kids Brian.

"We need to get you to a hospital" I say only just coping under his weight.

"No, not hospitals" he gasps.

"What the Hell?" I turn to see the guy who shouted it. Another new kid. He looks angry.

He pulls up and gun aiming at Brian a fires.

"No" I shout. The bullet reflects off a thin veil but I'm to angry to bother thinking about it.

The guys steps back shocked.

"This isn't over Brian" he hiss.

"I say it is"

Then I don't know why but I force my hand out sending him flying backwards.

Brian stares in shock and I look at my hands intrigued.

"That was...." Brian tries to step back worried. "... AMAZING!"

I smile at him then remember his wounds. Problem is the blood around them is less.

"They're healing" I mutter.

"Uh, yeah" he says looking down at them. "I think I'll need to explain that"

Explain what.... Oh no....

"Oh no, please say you're not a werewolf" I say after hearing his thoughts.

He looks at me shocked then nods. "I'm a werewolf.... watch"

I step back a few feet and watch as his whole structure changes in a swift movement to become that of a large white wolf.

"Wow" I whisper amazed. I step forward but then someone's in front of me holding my back.

I look to see Blake is a sort of defensive crouch.

"You don't go near werewolves when they are changed or angry" he says looking back at me.

Hm, its not like I'll hurt her. I hear Brian wolf think.

"He's thinking that he won't hurt me" I say softly. Blake stands up.

"We can't be sure.... you should morph back those wound won't heal right otherwise" he says.

He truns to me and takes my hand. "Come on" he says pulling me along. "You need to be at school.

I look back to see Brian standing looking totally fine. His clothes blood stained but not a scratch, cut or bruise in sight.

The End

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