Brian: Ouch misjudged.... don't let me.Mature

Smack , my body makes contact with  a row of blue lockers , Ray and a gain of werewolves stand behind him.

" Bad day huh?" I comment

Wack, he slugs me in the face.

" Don't play .....human." He quietly says the last word

" Oh but you don't want to have them all introduced to the ....."

He knees me in the chest.

" For once can you shut - up?"

" No." I smile knowing I was pushing his tiny brians temper to a boil.

" Now boys , Violence is..."  A female teacher voice is cut short be the fact Rays had just grown a tail , and he his cannine where growing. She began to run.

" That can't be goo......"

He slams me into the locker leaving an indentatation of my body in the locker and run after the teacher. His form becoming more and more like a werewolf.  He tackeled the woman to the ground instantaineously knocking her out. That was going to hurt.

" Now you!" He points at me in fusteration, " Kill him!" 

His werewolf gang began to sallivate. Wow these guys really are mustle heads.

" Lets take this thing outside shall we?" I say getting up, then kicking them all in the face , then darted out the doors with them not to far behind me.  I ran into a well hidden area behind a few forest covered hills in the middle it was completely open, A good stand off point.  The first wolf came shooting out of the woods, he was fully transformed and his claws looked razer sharp. I ducked under him as he jumped at me. I leaped at him , and picked his leg or arm up and dislocated it , then kicked him his face in. 

" One down 9 more to go." I count to my self.Unfortuently the nine had me surrounded, things wheren't going as planned.

" Well Brian, I think your defeat would be one to mark in history, it indeed will be valiant, it will be blood filled. You sins agianst us will be washed from our faces, and things will run smoother." Ray tried to intimidate me.

" Bring it!" I snarled as I smoothly transformed into a beautiful white , with with silver patched furred wolf.  My wolf form was bigger than the rest of the gang of wolves.  I would be an Alpha wolf had I not betrayed them. I showed them my sharp teeth and my beyond razer sharp claws. Some of them turned tails between there legs. Others just looked scared. Then it began. I swiped two away with a quick sweep, of my paws, two of them flanked me and tackeld me over biting down hard on my chest.  I clawed them off , as they let go blood began to stain my white fur which suprisingly turned black. All that left was Ray , and he gave me no chance to fight.

He jumped downwards on me with a fury of claws and teeth. I was finished. He transformed back, taking out a revolver with silver bullets to make sure he got the job done.

" Don't let me die here, Ray." I weakly said , as he pulled the hammer back. He only chuckeled.

I closed my eyes.


I heard his footsteps as he walked away.

" If you don't die from those wounds Brian , I want to fight you one on one, got it." He calls from afar.

He didn't shoot me, what an idiot, I was going to live. I morphed back into a human form.  I was bleeding but not dead, I needed to find a place to recover, but where?


The End

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