Conner: Peace and Quiet, Please.Mature

  I trudged gloomily into the horrible building they call school. If I were to explain school to someone, only one word comes to mind. Purgatory, although this is all the hell, without the cleansing. And it's for my life- well, existence, really.

  I'm a vampire, mostly. That's why I can live for a long time. But the eternity part is all my mother's genes. I'm also part witch. Well, I'm a boy, so...Warlock? I have no idea; I just know that I know how to do stuff using my mind.

  I was born on the 20th June, 1910. I am one-hundred years old. And I still look like a seventeen year old. That's mostly because I died in 1927- when I was seventeen. Thus, vampiric age.

  I have short, tousled black hair. Well, it's only short- well perceived as short- because I have it, as I've stated before, tousled. If it were straight, it would fall down to my eyebrows.

  My skin is so pale, it's almost blue. I'm surprised no-one's picked up on that. It's also as hard as stone- possibly harder- and as cold as ice.

  My eyes are sky-blue, and very noticeable, even from the other end of this purga- oh, um, school.

  People say that I am the human incarnation of an angel, but that's just the vampire in me. Don't judge me as vain- I hate that fact.

  Anyway, back to the story.

  My next lesson was Music. I guess that was good; that is the only thing that numbs the pain of school. Well, that and lunch time, break time and home time.

  I love playing to piano, so I guess Music was the perfect lesson for me.

The End

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